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If you fit this picture, 12Faces will help.

business success Sunshine Coast

You are an owner of a medium sized small business. Say over $500K in turnover and 5 or more staff

business success Sunshine Coast

You know there are problems with your business, like cashflow to pay wages and taxes when they fall due, but you aren't sure how best to fix these problems.

business success Sunshine Coast

You don't have staff that can brainstorm with you on strategy so you feel your growth may be slowing.

business success Sunshine Coast

You work long hours but there are still many things to do that you wish you could get off your back, if you only had a trusted advisor to help.

business success Sunshine Coast

All of this uncertainty is piling stress on your shoulders and reducing your quality of life.

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How does 12Faces work?

Our Strategic Advisory Services help in three ways:


We have a collection of tools to analyse your business health and provide you with a simple ideas to get your business back on a healthy growth track.


We have a portfolio of short, easily implemented and permanent solutions you can choose from to fix your most important problems.


We know it often helps to have someone to discuss issues with. We offer a range of advisory support services so you have help on hand when needed.

What's Wrong With Your Business?

Wondering what's wrong with your business? Are you spending lots of time working but not making any headway, and more profit to make it worthwhile? Try our diagnostics tools. They'll identify the areas in your business that need attention.

How To Fix Your Business

Once we've helped you to identify what it is in your business that needs tweaking, we'll tell you how to fix it. That may involve learning a few new things to help fill in gaps in your skillset. But don't worry, you don't need to attend university. We offer short courses on business topics.

Search Our Knowledgebase

We have accumulated a wealth of information on running a business. The questions you are struggling with may already be covered in our knowledgebase. Please take a few minutes to search the site. There's even podcasts so you can listen while driving/walking/exercising.

What is 12Faces?

You’ll come across the term ‘Dodeca’ throughout our site, learn what it means and how it fits into the 12Faces brand.

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Why Use Us?

There are lots of reason’s why your business needs us, but why should you choose us, and how will we know what exactly your business needs?

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Scott Williams

About Us

Founder Scott Williams has been in medium-sized private business for decades; he knows small and medium business.