Why Sustainable Business Success?

The tagline in our logo explains our Mission of Your Sustainable Business Success, but what does that actually mean?


Sustainable means able to operate indefinitely with a low risk of going backwards.  For us, that means an acceptable profit, workload and stress.  We offer monitoring and business optimization tools to maintain this state.  As a business ratchets up in size, it might reach several sustainable plateaus.


Individual Business Owners will define success differently.  Some want to continue to grow.  Others have worked hard and now want a better lifestyle rather than just more growth.  Some are looking to sell the business and make a good exit that leaves them comfortably off.

12Faces knows that success means different things to different owners.   We offer you a choice of advisory options so you can assemble a business that maximizes your personal definition of success.

Who and How We Help

If you fit this picture, 12Faces will help!

Sustainable Business Success for small business

You are the owner of your business

Sustainable Business Success for small business

You have problems with your business, like money to pay wages and taxes, but you aren't sure how best to fix these problems. You need Inspiration.

Sustainable Business Success for small business

You don't know what problems are lurking around the corner as you scale up your business's staff count. We tell you what is coming and how to address it

Sustainable Business Success for small business

You are faced with a million and one things to do and struggle to get traction to fix problems. We have proven systems to fix this and get you ratcheting forward every week.

Sustainable Business Success for small business

Long Work Hours and Uncertainty is piling stress on your shoulders. We are your experienced and trusted advisor showing you how to improve your quality of life and your profits.

How does 12Faces work?

We help in three ways:


We offer "gameplans" addressing each stage of your Sustainable Business Success journey and for a host of the common issues businesses face.


We have a collection of tools to analyse your business health and provide you with simple ideas to get your business back on a healthy growth track.


We know it often helps to have someone to discuss issues with. We offer a range of advisory support services so you have help on hand when needed.

What Aspects Critical to Your Business does 12Faces Cover?

We group the skills necessary to lead a successful business into 12 categories.  That is the origin of our brand name; 12Faces

Reaching and maintaining a balance in all 12 aspects of your business is our formula for success

Six relate to the business. Weaknesses in any of these areas will damage your business (remember the adage “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”).

The other six relate to you as Owner and your Team. In other words they apply to the individual, not the business as a whole.  We offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to improve personal skills.

Designed for Business Owners not Academics!

We know small business owners are busy so we deliver the tools to make you business better simply and easily followed;

  • Self-paced 24/7 availability because all online
  • Unlike books that you have to read from start to finish, 12Faces is heavily inter-linked so you just click down the path that takes your interest at the time
  • if you hit a dead end, personal support is available as required via our mentors and coaches
  • Just like Martial Arts, we break into Yellow Belt and more advanced Blue Belt materials so you can start with the easy stuff
  • often you don’t know what is causing your problems and you don’t know what options are available to solve the problems.  Our ‘drill down’ system lets you click on problems and follow a deep dive down possible solutions till you find a fit. All you have to do is click on the best option each time.

Learn From Our Award-winning Practical Experience

40 Years of Success Available to You Instantly

Founder Scott Williams has been a successful small business founder for decades.  Now retired from active management, he is bringing his vast experience to other small businesses to speed up their Sustainable Business Success journey.

Some notable successes now on offer to other small business owners include:

  • Australian National Small Business of the Year winner
  • 4 years in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Australian Businesses list
  • Member of the Order of Australia (AM) (third highest ) in 2012 for service including to small business and elevated to Officer of Order of Australia (2nd highest) in 2023
  • Scott takes no income or profit from 12Faces.  All goes to the Scott Williams Foundation for scholarships to school and university students

Saved Best News till Last

Access to 12Faces content is FREE so you can use it as much and as often as you like.  There are fees for some of the Support services to cover costs

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