Welcome to the Optimise100 Campaign to create a profitable business in readiness for your business to then go into a Growth phase.

Like all our material, it is designed to allow you to jump around as you wish so that you solve your priority issues as quickly as possible.

Our Learning materials tend to follow the same design guiding principals.
You can read more on these in the article: 12Faces Training Approach Training Approach 

Profitable Business Planning Spreadsheet

To gain access to the Planning Spreadsheet, contact us on reception@12faces.business

Within the Planning Spreadsheet there are “More Info” links. To access the associated topics, click on these “More Info” links provided against the subject matter.

You might like to keep a record of how your profitable business progress is going.
For that reason, there is a tab in the Planning Spreadsheet where you can “tick-off” and comment on each step that you undertake.
Go to the article: C2.7 Using the Optimise100 Spreadsheet

Steps To Take to Complete Optimise100

To get started on your path to a profitable business:

Remember that there is an allowance for several virtual meetings with 12Faces staff that you can take advantage of as they fall due in the schedule.

You can also ask questions via the Help Desk at reception@12faces.business at any time. Your constructive feedback is welcome via email or the forums at the foot of most pages.
We use your advice to improve our services for the next generation so please do contribute.

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