It is usually possible to increase the revenue of a business unit by tuning what is already there.  Since our assignment is to Optimise Your Business in 100 Days and Double Your Profits, we now turn to quick and simple Revenue raising opportunities.  Earlier projects in this Campaign discussed C2.3 Optimise100: Getting Ready and C2.4 Optimise100 – Cost Reduction  Yellow Belt.

As we have stressed in other parts of Optimise100, there is no right way to go about the opportunities in this article.

We encourage you to just get started with the ones that seem easiest to you and aim to “eat the elephant one bite at a time”.

Speed and getting started is far more important to your successful outcome than is taking time to ponder and plan what to do.
Your stretch goal is to get as far down this particular road as you can in 100 days.

Steps for Increasing Revenue:

Work through the following articles prior to embarking on the next project – C2.6 Advanced Profit Growth Techniques:

C2.5.1 Increase Revenue – Increase Throughput
C2.5.2 Increase Revenue – Improve Cashflow
C2.5.3 Increase Revenue – Sales Revenue

What else!

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Project: Increase Revenue.
Next move – attack the Advanced Profit Growth Techniques to complete the Optimise100 Campaign.

Optimise100 is divided into several Projects to be more accessible for you.  These are:

If you choose to finish here, all of 12Faces’s resources are in a constant state of updating and expansion as new management insights become available.

You can revisit this Campaign at any time in the future to see if there is new inspiration to improve your business.

In any case, you might want to redo the Optimise100 Program every few years to scrape off any new ‘barnacles’ that might have become attached.

Good Luck!

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