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Would you like to meet fellow managers online and face to face.  12Faces has a built in networking system that allows you to find and hookup with fellow managers with similar interests.

 What’s on offer

It can be lonely managing your business operation; 

  • You often can’t discuss things with your staff and bosses
  • It’s hard to find people who are excited about the same things as you are
  • Sometimes you would just like to hangout with like minds.

12Faces’s social network is open to all registered users and is your social sandpit to play in.

Things you can do include the following but, really, the choice is only limited by your imagination;

  • start or join an interest group comprising people in the same business, locality, business life cycle and so on
  • anywhere in the world or right next door
  • online or start a face-to-face luncheon group of local businesses to socialize
  • open a group for a particular topic or issue that is challenging you
  • share images and documents
  • control membership if you want a little more exclusivity or privacy
  • In keeping with the 12Faces philosophy of going wherever you take us, there is plenty of opportunity to provide feedback on our direction
  • subscribe and unsubscribe to regular digests of the activity in your chosen groups.  Never miss something new!

Community is part of Profit Savvy but you have to be registered with tProfit Savvy to be able to particulate in the social scene and ask questions.

It’s easy, just click here to register.




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