Throughout 12Faces we talk about several different Workflow and Inventory Models.

The Simulation Dice Game will quickly give you an impression of HOW these models work in practice.

Think that YOUR business doesn’t have a Production Line?

That this doesn’t apply to YOUR business?

All businesses have a Workflow.

Do you need to convince your staff of the pros and cons of various production systems?
Dice Games are a great way to demonstrate them at team meetings.

Now, let’s model the movement of Product through your Production Line
Using Dice Games 

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Computer Simulations achieve the same thing, BUT, they may not be as illuminating to you as actually playing the Dice Games.

The Full Article shows how to use the Dice Games and gives examples for the following:

Start Playing Games here

Unbalanced Workflow Systems

Unless you have spent some time carefully thinking about your Production Flow, you probably have an Unbalanced Production System.

This means the Flow of Work through the system has not been finely tuned to the capacities of either:

Therefore, Product flows through your Production System in a fairly jerky fashion, piling up at some stages and leaving other stages without anything to do.

A Balanced Line Model

One of the goals of some Workflow improvement systems, like Six Sigma and Lean, are to “Balance” the Workflow:

Widely touted as the ideal solution, it comes with some notable defects:

Which means that it is going to be quite difficult to achieve.

A Constrained Production System

If you haven’t read about the Theory of Constraints (12Faces TOC article) it is advisable to read this prior to playing the game.

TOC argues that somewhere in your Production Line there will be one station that will be a constraint, or bottleneck, which controls the flow of work through your Production System.

No matter how hard a station upstream from the Constraint works, it can only push so much through the constraint.

No matter how hard a station downstream from a Constraint works it can only process whatever is fed to it by the Constraint.

The Constraint is the heart beat of the entire Production Line.

Constrained Model With a Drum Beat

The Drum-Buffer-Rope system (12Faces Drum- Buffer-Rope article) means that the Production Line marches to the beat of a single Drum.

That Drum is the Constraint.

Each time it accepts a load of input, the Drum has one beat and the “Rope” pulls one more set of products through each of the stages preceding the Constraint.

This system is a demand-pull approach where the Constraint sets the demand.

Elevate The Constraint

Introducing a Constraint, and using it as the heart beat of a system, can reduce inventory and likely increase Productivity.

From time to time the constraint is going to have problems:

TOC teaches us that one of the important steps for working with the Constraint is to elevate it so that it gets more and more attention to keep it functioning as productively as possible.

Simulation of Centralised Inventory Management

We can also use Dice Game Simulations to demonstrate improvements that can be obtained from centralised Inventory Control.

Read the 12Faces TOC and Inventory articles before playing this game.

Play the Dice Game to show:

Consequently, the Regional Warehouses will be over and under stocked much more often than the Central Warehouse.

A simple experiment, with the Dice Game, will prove this key point about Demand variability smoothing as more events are aggregated.

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Play The Dice Game

Alex Knight has 2 games that can be played online: 
The standard dice game
Managing the System

Access the 2 games
on the link below

An Introduction to the Dice Game

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