How to Manage Highest Paid Person’s Opinion – HiPPO & other Effects

When a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) is in play during staff meetings, it is doubtful that your enterprise is relying on data to inform decision-making. In fact, the HiPPO effect will be killing debate in your team meetings. Is your business making decisions based on what the HiPPO wants done?  Yellow Belt

How to Do a One Page Vision Statement

Takes Under 1 HourD

This article provides a process for arriving at a philosophy about why your business exists. Until that is clear, life is happening to you; and often it can play rough!
We show here how to (ideally) construct a one page document that can be shared amongst all of the businesses staff to get everybody on the same page about the future of the business. We call this a One Page Vision Statement. Many prominent business writers talk about the same thing, but may call them slightly different names. This process is followed by another to develop a clear sense of your goal, or destination, in the next 3-5 years. Yellow belt.

C6: Local Search Marketing Improvement

When Local Search Marketing is Important Local search marketing applies to any business that has a catchment area that draws clients into the business.  Examples abound but include; dentists, massage therapy, retail shops, restaurants etc. Local search refers to the process used by potential clients to find (“search”) for your business.  If they can’t easily […]

The Buyer’s Journey: A Guide to Success

Introduction Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk about an important aspect of marketing: tracking the Buyer’s Journey. As a business owner, it’s crucial to understand the different stages that lead up to a sale in order to effectively connect with potential customers. In this blog, we will explore each stage of the Buyer’s Journey […]

Using Weighted Scores Prioritising Technique

When you are faced with many alternatives, it can often be very hard to choose between them. They will be strong on some things and weak on others; but hardly ever the same things. The sort of problem you face when choosing a car or a new staff member for example.  A quick and effective way to work through such a maze is to use a Weights and Scores technique described below.  Yellow Belt

How to do a Tuneup and Improve Website Speed

Increasingly, your website is becoming an essential marketing tool and can often be a major sales tool as well.  Learn how to tuneup your website. When you designed your website, it probably represented the “state of the art” in your mind.  Over time, you will have fresh insights into what works, your competition on the search pages will change and your product emphasis may change.  Periodic tuning can keep your website healthy and doing its job.  This menu provides a list of activities to get more out of your website.  Yellow Belt

Manage Workflow and the Local Optima Problem

It is a very widely held belief in business that each station in a production line should be working as hard as it can in order to maximise its efficiency. This might be a car assembly line or an accountant’s office processing tax returns using several different stages in the accounting process.  In other words, each stage is working at its Local Optimum.  Generations of Cost Accountants have encouraged this and spend endless amounts of time trying to split, for example, the cost of electricity over each work stage in the production cycle. This is probably seriously flawed thinking.  Blue Belt


Password Protected Logins

For your convenience, we have gathered the various logins to your private resources in one place.  Each has password protection for your privacy.  You can access in the “My Subs.” Menu at the top of every page once you have logged in to the 12Faces site. Copy this URL into your browser and replace the […]

Mission Control Custom Page CIDXXX

This page is custom designed for Noosa Hearing. It provides the links to the various Local Services Marketing resources for your business exclusively. For your convenience, we have gathered the various logins to your private resources in one place.  Each has password protection for your privacy.  We suggest you bookmark this page in your browser […]

Providing Access for Integrations

Many apps can share information with each other.  This improves the usefulness of both of the integrated apps. There are two ways to do this described here. Table of Contents Owner Managed Integration With this approach, the owner logs into both apps and gives permission for the two apps to share information. This can be […]

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