Help a Business Client and Earn a Fee

Many professionals like accountants and bookkeepers have small and medium business clients that have trouble understanding their accounting records.  So they miss out  on discovering how performance issues can be clarified by a better analysis of their accounting records.  We have a business client referral service that will help.

We have a Performance Coach service which allows you use our tools to better visualize your client’s accounting data in a way they are better able to understand.  You can charge your clients a fee on top of our service fee and earn more revenue for your practice.  There is no charge to you to use the service but we do have your client pay a low monthly fee for access to our toolkits. For more on how you can use Performance Coach to your client’s benefit, email us.

Alternatively, you can join our business client referral system and introduce us to your client.  We will explain how the Performance Coach can help them.  For providing this referral connection, we are pleased to pay you a commission if you choose.  If not, we will add that commission to our already significant charitable donations.

Steps to Referring a Client

The referral process is simple;

  1. email us and CC the person you are referring into the email so we can see that they are consenting to us approaching them.  You don’t need to mention the referral fee but a little description and/or a web link about their business would be useful
  2. we will approach your referral and CC you in on that email
  3. if your referral signs up for at least 3 months, we will pay you one month of their subscription fee after that first 3 months.  At that time, we will seek your banking details.

What Businesses are Suited for Referral

We would like to assist any business that wants to use our service.  However, experience has taught us a few things to consider before referring a business;

  1. they will be paying about $AUD500 each month and for at least 3 months. So they need to be prepared for that expenditure.   However, if they are not satisfied after the first month, we will refund that money in full and terminate the subscription.  
  2. we need at least 2 periods (quarters or years preferably) of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets from them to load to ScoreBoard; our performance visualization tool. We can accept up to four periods. We can, and will, also load monthly data but it tends to fluctuate and can be harder for a novice to interpret.
  3. we will be having monthly 60 minute video conferences during AU business hours.  The service has little value to them if they don’t join in to these conferences.  Failing to show is not grounds for a refund although a good reason will earn them a credit on the month.
  4. we don’t expect the client to be very familiar with accounting jargon or business management theory.  Taking a page out of the martial arts book, we specialize in helping white and yellow belt (beginner) managers.  We do expect them to be willing to have a go at fixing any issues otherwise there is little point using our service.
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