A business Founder can be lonely. Often you don’t have anyone to brainstorm with. Since this is a common situation, 12Faces has incorporated a business coaching service into our offerings.

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When is a Business Coach Useful

Being a business founder can be lonely. You’ll face many management issues where you don’t have much experience on, for example,

  • how to increase revenue,
  • how to lead and motivate staff,
  • how to work out your next strategic step.

Also, you often have no one you can brainstorm with to get a second opinion.

  • Often friends and family are less experienced with management than you are.
  • And you often can’t discuss issues with your staff.
  • Professional advisors tend to offer specialist advice. They can offer details on their specialization but their whole-of -business experience may be limited. And they can be expensive.

Three 12Faces Business Coaching Solutions

Because this is a common problem. 12Faces offers three solutions.

The first is our wealth of articles and courses on important small business topics.

The second is our Business Diagnostic System. This helps you find potential solutions when you know you have a problem but you don’t know how to fix it.  It’s sort of a virtual business coach.

The third is for those situations where you’re still a bit lost and would benefit from another opinion.  This is where our business coaches are very helpful.

Coaches are experienced business people. And often retired volunteers keen to give back to the community.

You can access them by video link for an hour at a time whenever, and as often, as you need them,

There are no contracts or any obligations. There is a fee to cover administration costs, but it is probably not more than what your charge as your hourly rate.

See more on our 12faces. business website  under the “business coaching” menu.

Your Next Step with Business Coaching

So 12Faces is here to help with articles, training, and business diagnostics.

And, to brainstorm with you, we have added a business coaching service.

Our Mission is your Sustainable Business SuccessBut you have to start the process.

In this session, we’ve outlined when our business coaching service will be useful. You can learn more on the 12faces.business website under the business coaching  menu.

Always remember that our advice is general nature because we don’t know the specifics of your business. Always seek specific advice for specific issues.

Thank you for your time.

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