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Almost by definition, business owners are good at what they are professionally trained for.  But for many, business strategies and management is largely undiscovered territory. Even if you study business at university, it doesn’t necessarily equip you for the day-to-day hands-on business management. 12Faces helps to speed up resolving business problems with our business diagnostics funnel.

Resolving Nagging Business Problems

Most business owners don’t have many people they can brainstorm their business with. Problems are hard to share and it’s hard to get another’s opinion.

You do have professionals like your tax accountant, but their perspective is often limited to their professional skill and they’re unlikely to step outside of that as insurance might not cover them.

Business coaches might help, but they can be expensive.

Local business networking might give you some ideas, but there’s no framework to them.

And you can’t always share your business worries with friends and family.

What to look for in a Problem Solving System

What you need is a system;

  1. that’s affordable,
  2. that’s comprehensive,
  3. that’s understandable
  4. that’s available 24/7.

And fortunately that’s what we at 12Faces offer.

Step 1: Narrow down your Options

Step One to trying to work out how to solve your problems is to narrow down your options.

Now, everything you need to know on how to do something is already available on Google.

But the downside is that there are millions upon millions of business topics in Google, so it’s not practical to just start searching and hope that you’ll find a solution.

What you need to do is, first of all, narrow down what to search for.

12Faces has a Business Diagnostic Funnel

It’s designed to start with a wide perspective on your business. Then successively narrow that down until finally there’s just a couple of your preferred solutions.

Then you can read more about those solutions on 12Faces, and you have a better idea what to search for on Google.

Step2: Implement your Problem Solutions

Step two is to implement the options that you’ve chosen.

It’s vital to know where to focus your attention when building a strategy, but that’s only one part of the story. You also need to know how to execute that plan effectively.

12Faces has a wealth of practical guides on how to execute a problem reduction strategy effectively.

Step3: Check your solutions are working

Step Three, after having implemented a strategy, is to see if it’s all working.

Now, as your strategy rolls out, you can get some idea if it’s working from your gut or from your bank account. If things are looking healthier, they’re pretty good indicators, but they’re not very scientific.

Fortunately, 12Faces as you covered there also.

We have several online monitoring tools that you can use to check progress and to highlight weak spots. They then turn your boring and somewhat mysterious accounting reports into actionable advice.

Take our Business Diagnostics for a Test Drive

So what’s our takeaway?

The good news is that many of the valuable tools that are in 12Faces are entirely free as part of our contribution to the wellbeing of your business and to your own peace of mind.

The best way to see if 12Faces can help you is to run your own test drive of our business diagnostic funnel.  Just have a test drive and see how it goes.

In order to get started, just type “12Faces business diagnostics” into Google or Bing.  We’ll probably come up first in those listings; as we usually do.

Or if you want, you can type in the url,, and that will get you onto 12Faces.

You can click off from that page if you want to have a case study on how to use the diagnostics.  You can watch us walk through Harry through his plumbing business and how to resolve a problem. 


In summary, the 12Faces Mission is your Sustainable Business Success.

A big part of being a successful business is being able to identify and to resolve the roadblocks that will always keep appearing.  12Faces is one tool for managing these roadblocks through our Business Diagnostic Funnel tool.

Thank you for your time.

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