How to Use Business Diagnostic Tools

Identifying Areas For Improvement

12Faces’ Goal for Clients is Sustainable Business Success

Our business diagnostic tools identify weak spots in the 12 facets of your business and your professional development. Once identified, we help choose the ones to work on next. Then move your business toward its sustainable goals.

Sometimes you know what needs work.  Other times you are unaware of lurking weaknesses.
When you know, we provide tools to use your intuition. You know your business and your personal skills very well.  See the DIY Diagnostics tools that offer a quiz to let you track down areas that might need work. When you don’t know, we also provide a business diagnostic assessment. This is the impartial, numeric, analysis your CFO would; if you had one.  If you want a more structured diagnosis use our data driven analyses.

Accounting Report Business Diagnostic Insufficient

Normal accountant's reports are not designed to identify structural weaknesses in your business. They are designed for tax reporting. Consequently, they are distorted by legislative changes to e.g. depreciation of new assets. These do not help you understand your business. Six of the 12 faces of the Dodecahedron (your "Dodeca"), that models your business and your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), relate to your business:

  • Revenue
  • Operations
  • Overheads
  • People
  • Systems and
  • Finance
  • A good set of business diagnostic assessment will monitor each of these, that you think is relevant. But, do your accounts fail to measure some at all (eg. people and systems)? Alternatively, some only at a very high level (eg. what are your best products). Our comprehensive business diagnostic tools throw a lot more light on each key lever of your Successful Business Sustainability goal.

    As the Business Leader, Your Business Reflects Your Personal Skills

    Every Manager starts at the equivalent of a Martial Arts White Belt. You learn more as you progress through the stages in your business career; just like a Black Belt martial artist learns and improves. But, your management training will likely be filling needs as they arise, leaving you unaware of management techniques that would improve your business when properly applied. The CPD business diagnostic tools help you to decide what areas of your personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to focus on next. Your aim is to grow you, and your business, as sustainably as possible.

    PDCA means Consistent Improvement Cycles

    Or, Do it Once and Do it Well. Just like it's best to do a Business Diagnostic methodically, the whole improvement cycle should be approached consistently for reliable results. We recommend the PDCA cycle popularised by the great success Toyota had with improving its product quality.

    Fixing Something With Business Diagnostic is Only a Short Term Solution!

    You want confidence it stays fixed! You need a monitoring framework that alerts you to any parts of your business that are starting to drift away from optimal.

    Just like a doctor looks for high blood pressure, our diagnostic tool suite first alerts you to the problem so you can take steps to lower the risk. Then periodic blood pressure tests reassure that the problem remains under control and your health is tracking well.

    Our tools are designed to continuously monitor the key health signs of your business and clearly highlight any that are deteriorating before they reach dangerous levels.

     A Business Leader is never Short of Things To Do!

    But the wise ones prioritise the big and important issues and focus on them first. This targeted approach improves the business’ health as quickly as possible

    The 12Faces diagnostic tools are designed to illuminate those big, important, issues for you to maximise business rapid improvement.

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