Using Business Diagnostics for Sustainable Business Success

Our goal for your business is Sustainable Business Success.  An important tool for reaching that goal is our Business Diagnostics suite .

When you go to the doctor with a mystery ailment, they ask you questions designed to increasingly narrow down what’s wrong.

We do the same for your business with our simple ‘click to drill down’ diagnostic solution finder.

Business Diagnostics the Easy Way

Just like a doctor, you could spend years of study and pay huge fees to learn all about business management.
You can just use our simple point and click Business Diagnostics System to identify possible solutions and get a list of suggested Treatments for implementing them.

Use Business Diagnostics in 4 Powerful Ways

I have a problem but don't know the Cause

You might have the symptoms of a headache but not know why! The same thing often happens in business. Our Symptoms Checker narrows down the root cause of your business issue then moves down the Business Diagnostics System to arrive at a set of suggested Treatments

Diagnose a Known Problem

if you know your problem but are unclear of what might have caused it, our Business Diagnostics System makes it easy to choose from a host of possible explanations and then bring up a set of suggested Treatments for your particular Diagnosis

Interface Business Diagnostic and our Financial Analysis Tools

The root cause of many business problems is often buried in the company's accounts. Our tools like TrendBoard analyse your accounting data for you and identify unfavourable trends. You can then plug these into our Business Diagnostic System to begin a search for suggested Treatments.

Business Diagnostics can Generate Ideas

Let's say you know you want to increase your revenue! Our Business Diagnostics displays a panel of ways to do this. You select those that seem to meet your needs and drill down to get suggested Treatments for how to implement that decision. Acts as a brainstorming tool and reference library; without you needing to do hours of research! .

Case Study Video Demonstrating Business Diagnostics in Operation

See how the 12Faces Business Diagnostics Funnel is applied to a hypothetical case study for Harry the Plumber.

Harry can’t always pay his 6 staff when wages fall due but is not really sure why. It is a constant irritation for him.

This 10 minute walkthrough shows the process our Harry might follow to resolve this nagging problem and reduce his stress levels.

You can find the start page for the 12Faces Business Diagnostics Funnel on this link

The general Business Diagnostic Funnel Process

The 12Faces Business Diagnostic Funnels are a “drill down” process.  This means you keep going down a problem diagnosis in business path by selecting one of the options displayed on the page until you reach the end of the “drill down branch”.  There we present possible solutions to the issue you are addressing.

Often, you will be offered several alternative problem diagnosis solution options on a Diagnostic page.  So you need to select the “best” one to continue of your search for a solution.

Here are the most common ways to choose the “best” next step;

  • if you have a particular limiting factor or constraint, it is very likely that you should choose the next step that offers the best solution to reducing the impact of the constraint.  Until a constraint is “relieved” by having its impact reduced, working anywhere else is not going to have much impact.
  • sometimes one of our business problem analysis tools like your ScoreBoard will have identified the problem you have.  You can choose an option addressing that issue as the next step in the “drill down” process.  For example, when you are looking at a step dealing with cashflow and one of our tools had indicated a worsening Inventory situation, you would pick a step dealing with “Inventory”
  • if all else fails, drill down on several of the problem diagnostic alternatives to see if the following steps help you find a solution then follow that option path down to a solution

 A Business Leader is never Short of Things To Do!

But the wise ones prioritise the big and important issues and focus on them first. This targeted approach improves the business’ health as quickly as possible

The 12Faces diagnostic tools are designed to illuminate those big, important, issues for you to maximise business rapid improvement.

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