Business Health Check: Get More Insight with TrendBoards

Your Car’s Dashboard Shows Progress and Warns of Looming Problems

Smart Business Leaders use the same concept to do a businesses health check

12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.
Sustainable means on-going, you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health.
We have a range of such tools you can choose from to be confident you have your finger on your business’s pulse.


Diagnose Poor Profits

Rapid test to find the reasons for falling or unsatisfactory profit

Learn How to use your Accounting Reports to Find Reasons for Unsatisfactory Profits =>


TrendBoard Projects Trading History to Predict the Future
What Secret Information is hidden in your accounting reports?

Did you know there is a vast amount of additional valuable information hidden in your normal accounting reports?

You can unpack it and improve your business with our easy to understand TrendBoard Analysis Tools

Here is just a taste of the extra information hidden in your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports:

What is the chance of my business failing in the next 12 months?

What will my projected Profit be 1, 2 and 3 years into the future?

Having trouble finding cash to pay wages and suppliers?  Find what’s ruining your cash flow.

If I sold my business right now, how much might I get?

Is my use of Labour getting better or worse?

AND that’s just the start!

TrendBoard is designed to be easy to understand. All you have to do is look for the numbers highlighted in red for rapid interpretation .

TrendBoard comes with a free ChangeBoard that tells you what impact a change in (say) prices will have on your business.  You can model changes and get an instant impact appraisal of the changes you make.
(Tip: a study showed an average 11% increase in profit for 1% increase in price!)do a

ChangeBoard Tests the Impact of Change on Key Levers in Your Business

Free tool shows the impact of change on business; instantly!
See the impact of these and more:
Percentage change in price
Change in sales revenue
Change in staff numbers
Change in Accounts Payable and Receivable and the impact on cash flow
Impact of changes on profitability
Change on business selling price
What revenue do you need to earn a desired profit?

DashBoard Combines Trend and Change Boards Plus More

DashBoard is a monthly subscription that monitors your business each month, quarter and year.
It also incorporates a free TrendBoard and a ChangeBoard.

Our Best Insight into Monitoring and Growing your Business

MyDodeca Monitors your Personal Business Skillset

We believe there are 12 sets of skills a business leader needs to a greater or lesser extent
Do a self-appraisal on your personal strengths and weaknesses managing a business

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