Revenue and Reward Goals

This graph indicates how the actual Revenue and Rewards results, for each quarter, are tracking against your estimated business goals figures.  You can also compare this years trend against last years actual for the year.

Revenue and Reward Goals Data Entry

The data for the Revenue and Reward Goals are entered on the Goals Board.

Enter last year’s figure for Revenue and Reward. Also, enter the estimated Revenue over each quarter for the year to date.

  • The first quarter would have one quarter’s estimated figure.  
  • Then the second has the first two quarters added together.
  • And the third quarter has the first three quarters added together; and so on.

Throughout the financial year, add the actual result to the data record in the same way.

The business Goals that you want to record apply to your Revenue and Reward.
Go to the
TrendBoard User Manual. Here you will find a description of how the Revenue and Reward are calculated.
Add up to 5 sets of records here.

The explanation for each of the fields follows:

  • Period: The period of the data you are storing; beginning with the figure for the last full year. That will be the first information you enter and save.
  • Then another record for each of the first, second, third and fourth quarters.
  • You will end up with 4 records here.
  • Finally, check that you have the right number by hitting the Goals data in the menu and you will see what you have entered.

First data entry:

  • Choose the Period zero.
  • Then enter the year to date actual Revenue and year to date actual Reward.
  • Now go back and choose each of the periods, 1 to 4.
  • Add the data referring to the year to date figure, in the first entry. This is the actual Revenue and actual Reward for the year to date. Then add the expected Revenue and expected Reward for each period.
  • Generate 4 records. Even if you do not have the actual data for quarters 2 – 4.
  • Year to date is the total of the number of quarters to date.
    So, if you had expected $100 in each quarter, year to date expected Revenue in quarter one = $100; quarter two = $200; quarter three = $300; quarter four = $400.

These figures do not need to be the same. Particularly if you expect the estimated figures to start slowly and grow.

Finally, you can check the data that you put in, at anytime, by clicking on the “Goals Data” menu item.

Interpreting the Business Goals Results

Place your mouse over any point on the graphs to see the numbers behind that point. This will show for the actual and estimated figures.

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