4 Ways to Fix Slow Growth

How’s your business growing?

Not as fast as you’d like?

If you’re having trouble achieving that expansion and your numbers have stalled, it may be time to re-evaluate your situation. Every business has room for improvement, but not every business owner knows where to look for improvement strategies.

Here are four things that can cause your business to slow or stop its growth along with advice on correcting the problems.(more here)


How To Identify Your Target Market

Target marketing is a strategy that focuses your marketing on individuals and businesses who are most likely to buy from you.

Identifying that target market correctly is one of the most important things you can do when you’re starting a business or launching new products and services.

Here are 7 steps for identifying your target market….(more here)


Don’t Let Fear of Failure Slow Your Business Growth

Is your fear of failure causing you to turn down opportunities that could help your business grow?

Of course you want to be smart about your business, but for it to grow, sometimes you have to take risks.

Get past your fear of failure so you don’t hold your business back.

The good news is that all it takes is changing your perception, and using failure to help you rather than hurt you.

This is how you can do it….(more here)


It’s Personal: Think Like a Nonprofit for Business Growth

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t just for big businesses and nonprofits.

Small businesses need to be value-driven and give back to the community too.

Here’s why….(more here)

This article was courtesy of Business Mentoring Noosa


Kaizen Leads to Continuous Improvement

Most improvement is an incremental process.

It is rare to get something completely right the first time therefore, over time, we improve parts of the system so as to continue to improve the whole.

A Japanese phase for such incremental improvement is ‘Kaizen”.

Kaizen means a business-wide attention to incrementally improving areas of your business.

The areas chosen will create the greatest return from the application of time, money and other resources….(more here)

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