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Increase your Small Business’s Sales
Low Risk Steps to Increase Income and Profits

Turn Growth into a Repeatable Cycle

Our Growth Ratchet System Reduces Risk of Backsliding

You Improve Your Business at Your Own Pace and Direction

You Don't Need Complex Business Plans for Business Growth

Although the gurus say you should have a multi-year business plan, realistically, that’s not reasonable for most small businesses. You work on much shorter time frames and with much more uncertainty than big business.

Picking a figure for sales, income and profit increases in 2 years time is really just picking a figure at random.  You will be wrong 99.9% of the time so why waste time and energy on something that speculative!

In any case, you probably just want to get started improving sales right now!

We have a more realistic, easy to use, 2 Step planning approach to growing a small business

FIRST: Decide where you want to be in three years time

You can quickly decide where you want to be in general terms in  3 years time. It might be (e.g.);

  • profitably exiting the business
  • growth as fast as sustainable
  • or slowing down growth for lifestyle reasons

None of these are right or wrong!  It’s entirely your choice.  And you can change you mind without wasting a lot of past planning effort.

We call this your 3 Year GamePlan

SECOND: Decide your Most Pressing Growth Issue to Resolve in next Quarter 

We help you prioritize your no-doubt long ToDo list to find the main issue to tackle over the next 90 days.  Its usually fairly easy to pick the biggest problem and 90 days is a manageable timeframe to get things done. 

This way you and your team have regular successes as motivation. And your business moves forward as rapidly as possible because you are always addressing the most important issue at that time.

We call this your Quarter GamePlan 

Increase Sales, Income and Profit Rapidly with Best Practice Sprint Technique

The IT industry was long plagued by underperforming and over budget improvement projects.
Then they started using a technique of 1-2 week, very focused, “Sprints” resulting in greatly improved outcomes; even over that short period.
Success went up dramatically!
Learn how to use Sprints in manageable bursts to maximize progress towards success in the next Quarter GamePlan

Your small business benefits from what big business has learnt!

Don't Slip Back. Our Growth Ratchets Move You Forward!

Eliminate the two steps forward, one step back problem!

Businesses often overdo their growth targets and run out of money
And that is just one risk dragging businesses backwards!

Our Ratchet System for Sustainable Business Success reduces the backsliding risk!

We use “ratchet” to describe our system for improving business growth and profitability while reducing the risk of the business going backwards.

a ratchet is something that makes a situation change or develop in one direction only, for example by being able to rise but not fall …:– Cambridge Dictionary

Our FREE Subscriber Plan gives lifelong free access to the Ratchet System

Pre-designed Ratchets available for many quarterly goals

What FREE Business Success Resources are Available?

Introducing our Catalogues of Business Success Resources
Grouped to cover growth, optimization, turnaround, business size; and more
Covers precisely whatever is driving you!
Easy to Search!

The amount of business management advice out there is overwhelming!
  Its hard to even get started with all that complexity!
  We reduce all that to catalogues of the most important issues to get you started to success.  For example;

  •  Business Size Resource Collections highlighting each stage’s particular issues and risks giving you advanced notice to reduce stress and the risks. We cover;
    • Solopreneurs and Start-ups
    • Micro Business (1-4 staff)
    • Small Business (5-19 staff)
    • Medium and Larger Business 
  • Business planning and communication tools that keep your entire team focused on what is important
  • Business Focus Collections for whatever is on your mind;
    • Failing businesses needing a turnaround
    • Optimization tools covering fastest way to profit boost and problem reduction
    • Growing at a sustainable rate with ratchets
  • Business monitoring tools that check the health of your business so it stays stable, sustainable and capable of growth indefinitely
  • Rigging for Profitable Business Exit when you want to sell

The good news:

  • progress is entirely self paced, it can take as much or as little time as you like.  
  • The actual sequence of events is up to you. We show you how to prioritise what’s important
  • our Mission is your Sustainable Business Success that reduces problem areas for more time in your life.

You MUST register to access these Success Resource Catalogues
Its FREE, FOREVER, and you get these 5 Great Upgrades

  1. Business Size Catalogue: Resources relative to typical issues for your sized business; or the one you want to become!
  2. Goal Related Catalogue: for (e.g.) Business Turnaround for Failing business, How to Optimize your business 
  3. New Resources Notification: as they become available
  4. Guided Tours: of our resources relevant to you
  5. Community Forum: to request and offer support with others like you

Register or you will not get these EXTRA, FREE, benefits

Learn Success From Our Award-winning Success Experience

40 Years of Success Available to You Instantly

Founder Scott Williams has been a successful small business founder for decades.  Now retired from active management, he is bringing his vast experience to other small businesses to speed up their Sustainable Business Success journey.

Some notable successes now on offer to other small business owners include:

  • Australian National Small Business of the Year winner
  • 4 years in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Australian Businesses list
  • Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service including to small business
  • Scott takes no income or profit from 12Faces.  All goes to the Scott Williams Foundation for scholarships to school and university students

Examples of 370+ Business Issues Improving Success Covered!

Business Profitability

  • Cash Flow – the life blood of business
  • Reduce stress
  • Have money available to pay your bills
  • Setup “Piggy Banks” to pay bills when due
  • Business liquidity
  • Tools and Analytics
  • Boost your Accounts Receivable

Increase Revenue/Sales

  • Improve your Sales & Marketing
  • Expense reduction 
  • Find the best pricing strategies
  • Plan your product range
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Distribution channels and sales territory

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Improve inventory management
  • Reduce the 8 types of production waste
  • Powerful Gross Margin Analysis
  • Perfect stock levels: understand over and under stocking
  • Focus on the important issues – 80/20 Rule

Our "Work Smarter Not Harder" Success Planning Method

Includes PDCA Technique Toyota Used to Beat Competition

Proven Routine Ratchets Up your Business in Steps:

PLAN: what to focus on this step
DO:  the work in the step
CHECK: results are what you wanted and then
ADAPT: your next step to keep growing 

** FREE Lifetime Subscription introduces business boosting techniques. Benefit immediately 

** REUSE best suited Tools and Tips indefinitely
** BUILD your personal management skills through successful implementation

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Registration with our FOREVER FREE Plan is a no-obligation, free service to small business owners to help you towards your Sustainable Business Success; however you define Success.  It links you to bundles of resources specifically addressing the most common issues small business owners like you face. 

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