Convert Business Ideas into a Profitable Business

It’s pretty easy to come up with great business ideas aplenty. In fact, 12Faces can show you how to dream up over a million business ideas in under an hour.

The real key to success is in the detail.

We bet that you are short of time and don’t really want to spend what time you have researching how to first get a good small or home business idea and then how to get it started.

Neither did we when we started our own multi award winning small businesses.

Now that we have sold out and are comfortably well off, we want to give back to new business owner operators by shrinking what you have to read to get started.

We call it “distilled business wisdom“.

We have taken decades of our own experience and the best business minds available and distilled out the best practices so you can get started now and grow as fast as possible.

If you read a book you have to read the whole thing to get the full message.  Inevitably, there will be a lot of stuff you already know and a lot of ‘straw‘ in with the “grain” to pad it out to book length.

12Faces is different.  

Every bit of distilled wisdom is just a bite-sized morsel on a single topic.

And, every morsel is connected to other things you may want to know and you can jump straight to them.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, you can follow our lists of great business ideas (we call them Menus) and see where that takes you.


What next?

There are well over a thousand pages of 12Faces information on great small and home business ideas indexed by Google.

But you will only see a couple of dozen if you don’t register.

Registration is free but then you can tell us what home and small business ideas you are interested in so we can produce more of the same.

You also automatically get our free weekly email newsletter on what’s new in 12Faces so you can come back anytime something takes your fancy

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