The 12Faces business training resources are focused on how to grow a small business.  They cover the particular issues arising for each growth stage from startup to 20 staff.  Also includes our systems for actually getting the work done via a rapid, lower stress, framework.  The Business training also expands on some of the important business decision making and prioritising tools business owners will use time and again with great results.

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  • Campaigns: these are multi-month business growth projects
  • Skills Modules: cover a particular topic of interest relating to growing business
  • Leader’s Briefs: are “need to know” topics to improve management expertise

Business Training to Grow Small Business

This business training focuses on the best growth strategies for a small business at each stage of its growth from startup to around 20 staff. 

As many as 1 in 5 businesses, both large and small, are failing.

That’s a very sad fact when you consider all the hopes, time and money that owners have invested in the business and all that is now going down the drain!

Our T90 Campaign aims to turn a failing business around in 90 days!

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Over time, your business accumulates “barnacles” that slow it down.  Rather than trying to grow a business with barnacles, we recommend a 100 day optimisation phase for the business.  Then you can start our growth programs with a newly streamlined business for maximum speed.

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Toyota has classified 8 different types of waste that eat into a business’s profits.  And experts say the waste in an office environment is 13 times worse than in a manufacturing plant!

Remove these “barnacles” as well to improve your profitability without having to grow your revenue.

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A few simple techniques can help ensure you have cash available when needed.  This is very reassuring when you want to grow your business and don’t want any bad cash flow surprises.

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The Grow365 Campaign covers the day to day management of growing your business year in and year out.  It is relevant to any business type; even if Profit is not the bottom-line goal.

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Your business may be growing at present.  But you can be sure that innovation and disruption will erode what has been a successful product or service.  

Consider the fate of music shops as we moved from vinyl through cassette then CD and now streaming.  Music stores have largely disappeared.  The same for the neighbourhood video rental store disappearing with the advent of streaming services like Netflix.

This Leader Brief is a business training on how Innovation can keep your business thriving.

Small Business Planning Templates

Business planning can be a slow process and as “dry as dust”.  The military say “any plan starts to fall apart the moment the first shot is fired”.  Our small business planning systems don’t require a lot of advanced documentation.  And they are designed to be super flexible so they can respond very quickly to changing circumstances.  

These are off-the-shelf business plans to cover your business at each stage of growth and to meet your current goals for the business.  Don’t spend a lot of time researching a plan.  Just tap into the best practices we have assembled for you and hit the road running.

Businesses are like people; they are born, grow, settle down in mid-life and eventually exit.  See our Lifecycle GamePlans to cover your preference for the next three years of your businesses operation.

Businesses grow over time.  They begin as a Startup and generally progress though a Micro Business stage (1-4 staff) to a Small Business with 5-25 staff.  At each growth stage, different management issues bubble to the top and the business operator has to be able to cope with each new set of issues.  Our Size based GamePlans help you with those transitions.

Our business planning system believes a small business operator only has enough available time to work on 1 principal business improvement at a time.  So we allocate one financial quarter to each such business planning goal and show how to plan accordingly.

This Leaders Brief introduces the value of Business Planning Goals and how to arrive at them quickly.  It sets them for both longer (3 years) and shorter (quarterly) periods.

Boost your Management Skills with Powerful Personal Development

At some point, a business owner becomes a limiting factor on the ability of their business to grow.  Rather than spend several years at university learning management, do short, needs based, business training like the programs here to reinforce your personal development.

The 80/20 Rule (AKA Pareto Principle) says that 80% of what we do is wasted or low productivity activity.  Where this gets really interesting is that, if you focus on the 20% important and minimise the 80% unimportant, you can be up to 16 times more productive or Profitable or whatever your benchmark is.  See the 80/20 Rule applied in several different ways with this Skills Module.

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In fact, you can tighten up the 80/20 Rule even more using the Theory of Constraints (TOC).  It argues the only place to work on is the current bottleneck.  Until the bottleneck is widened, nothing else you do will increase productivity and profit.  Learn several aspects of TOC with this Skills Module.

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Owning and running a small business can be stressful.  Not only are you doing your day job bringing in Revenue, you are also performing several roles that would have specialist managers in a larger business.  See several ways to reduce this workload stress in this Skills Module

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Business Coaching Service helps Brainstorm

Sometimes you get stuck about what to do next.  You can’t always ask staff, friends or family.

Our Business Coaching Service provides you with experienced coaches and mentors on an hourly basis.  Use and little or as much as you want.

Even superb sports stars use coaches to give them that little bit extra.  Now you can afford to do that for your business!

Benefit from Business Problem Diagnostics

No matter which of our Training Programs you are using, you will come across problems needing solutions.

Taking a leaf out of medical services, we have a simple to use Business Problem Diagnostic System that quickly offers suggested remedies to what ails your business.

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