Viability of Your Business and Future Direction

Are You Uncertain of the Viability of Your Business? Many business owners are uncertain of the direction their business should be taking. Additionally, they are uncertain of the viability of their business. 12Faces has a number of resources to assist with this with minimum stress. You Want to Grow Your Business There are steps to […]

Problems and Solutions Inventory, Operations or Production

Can You Produce More Than You Can Sell? Below, 12Faces goes through problems and solutions inventory, operations and/or production. Operations is where the work of the business gets done. It should scale up and down with Sales Revenue, otherwise there can be a large impact on Profits. Alternatively, You Can Sell More Than You Can Produce […]

Business Symptoms of Unknown Cause: Solutions

Have a Business Problem But Unsure What’s Causing It? The solution to your business symptoms may not be clear cut. They may be caused by any of a number of possible problems. You Need to Find Possible Diagnoses For Your Symptoms Sometimes when you go to the doctor, you have symptoms (“my head hurts”) but […]

Cash Flow Problem Including Profit

Unable to Pay Bills When They Are Due? Not taking a wage for yourself from your business? This can be confusing, particularly when your Sales and Profit are ok. This area covers what is causing your Cash Flow problem. Financial Accounts Not Giving You Information Needed? Not showing Cash Flow or Profit properly? Finding out […]

Key Business Indicators: Interpreting TrendBoard

TrendBoard Trend Analysis TrendBoard is our tool for visualising trends in your performance data so you get an early warning of any problems more on the ScoreBoard trend analysis tool here Key Business Indicators 12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.Sustainable means on-going, you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health. Dictionary of Business Finance Terms In […]

I Am Concerned About Decline in Revenue

I have a Decline in Revenue Problem If you have a decline in revenue, you likely have a problem!  Any reduction in revenue is a reduction in the “life blood” of your business.  A shortage of revenue for any reason can quickly impact on your business’s viability so this problem likely deserves quick attention. Two […]

It is Just Affecting My Business

Insert H2 Heading – description of nature of the problem Text about the nature of the problem trying to solve goes in here.  Eg falling profit.  SEO rich Insert H2 Heading – Description of what testing for Text about any tests that can be applied to the issue to help decide which of the following […]

Business Problems: Symptoms to Diagnosis

The 12Faces Diagnostics help with business problems diagnosis in business.  You can see the “Symptoms” of a problem but don’t know how to begin to remedy the problem.  For example, your Profit is falling. But that can be due to several possible causes.  The Symptoms section of 12Faces Diagnostics is your starting point. Find ways of remedying […]

My Business’s Problem Symptoms: I Don’t Know What’s Wrong

I DON’T KNOW What’s Wrong! Are you faced with a confusing number of reasons why your business is experiencing a particular problem/s? It can be a challenge to drill down and identify the ‘real’ problem and see solutions. With YOUR problem in mind, select the link below that best fits your problem. Note: Campaign, Skills […]

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