Solve Business Problems with Diagnostics

Welcome to 12Faces Business Problem Diagnosis System When you go to the doctor, they ask you what your Symptoms are.  Once the doctor has identified the problem, they will suggest several alternative Diagnoses that might rectify the problem.  You choose one or more Treatments and begin to implement them.  We do the same here by […]

GamePlans for Business Life Cycle Stages

What Stage in The Life Cycle is Your Business? Businesses go through various Life Cycle stages that reflect what you, the owner, want out of the business. Is your business starting up? Or, are you wanting to grow it?  Maybe you want to slow down a bit and benefit from the lifestyle that your business […]

Developing and Executing a Business Plan

Do You Really Need a Business Plan, You Ask? Every business leader must take control of the design and implementation of the direction for their business. Developing a Business Plan is the first crucial step toward this.   If are you selling your business, a different type of Plan is important to ensure you get the […]

Monitor and Manage Business Performance and Finances

Not Sure Where to Start With Monitoring and Managing? Here, 12Faces discusses how and why to measure and monitor business performance and finances.  There are simple trend graphs and business ratios that you can monitor in minutes per Quarter to get an indication if your business is developing a weakness somewhere. What Does This Cover […]

Staff Management; both Yourself and Others

Staff Management Covers an Enormous Area Staff management is crucial to the sustainable operation of your business. Labour is often one of the largest costs in a business.  Its is also often a relatively fixed cost so can have a big impact of profit during a downturn. Managing staff successfully is the key to a […]

Effective Business Information Systems

Could Your Information Systems Do a Better Job? Effective business information systems are paramount to the sustainable operation of your business.   If you don’t know what’s broken, you can’t fix it!  They also tend to be undervalued.  Often precisely because they are not doing a good job so business owners have not learnt to value […]

Improve Business Profitability: Manage Overhead Costs

Your Overheads Efficiency Ratio is Worsening Are your Overhead Costs (AKA Fixed Costs) high?  Reduce these costs and improve business profitability. Overhead costs include rent, permanent labour and other costs that do not fluctuate with your day-to-day production levels. They have a direct impact on your Operating Profit. Determine Causes and Solutions There is a […]

How Increase Revenue for Your Business

Is Your Revenue Stagnant or Declining? You can increase your revenue with several different approaches that don’t necessarily mean having to focus on selling more. Also scrutinise the areas of your business that directly relate to Revenue increase to see if you can benefit from other techniques as well.  Revenue Increase Problems in Your Business? […]

Business Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools

Inundated With Business Problems? Are you struggling with the business problem solving process? Would you love someone to brainstorm these problems with? Learn about the 5 whys and 5 Hows and how to solve complex problems. Drowning In Demands On Your Time? Learn about the 80/20 Rule and prioritise the problems you are facing. The […]

Operating Cost Reduction by Improving Productivity

What are Operating Costs? Operating Costs are the costs that rise and fall with the volume of work you do.  They include Production Costs and the Cost of the Goods you buy for resale (COGS). Reduce these by improving productivity as discovered by Henry Ford and later improved by Toyota. All Businesses Have a Production […]

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