Using Weighted Scores Prioritising Technique

When you are faced with many alternatives, it can often be very hard to choose between them. They will be strong on some things and weak on others; but hardly ever the same things. The sort of problem you face when choosing a car or a new staff member for example.  A quick and effective way to work through such a maze is to use a Weights and Scores technique described below.  Yellow Belt

The Amazing 80/20 Rule Tool Introduction

Would you be interested in knowing a way to increase your business by 16 times!  Got your attention?  The following material gives an insight into how this is possible.

How to Use 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique

Five Whys and its sister Five Hows is a brainstorming tool that drives you to the reasons behind something happening when it is not obvious (5 Whys problem solving) or a desired outcome (5 Hows strategy). 

Yellow Belt article

How to Prioritise Work

Home Every business leader is invariably faced with the fact that there are more things to do than the time available to do them. It is also true to say that not everything to be done has the same level of priority. This article makes suggestions about how to prioritise work to have the greatest […]

Tips on Productivity & Motivation

Increasing Productivity & Motivation is key to Growing Profit Growing Profit is normally one of the principal goals of business and we have a mass of advice to assist with this goal. Every Manager has a number of ‘Levers’ that they can ‘pull’ to Grow Profit.  12Faces collects and distils out the best advice on how […]

Generate a Million Ideas Quickly

Stumped For Business Ideas  Here is a really easy way to generate a million ideas in approximately 30 minutes. This technique can be used for a brainstorming session, with others, as a warm up exercise. The Process  Write across the top of the page (paper, white board or spreadsheet): What can I sell, to whom, where, when, how and for […]

Generate a Million Ideas in 30 minutes

Do you find yourself stumped for ideas on what your Start Up Business might do or new avenues that your existing business might take? There is rarely a shortage of “good ideas” that can give you some inspiration on how to progress.  Here is a really easy way to generate a million ideas in approximately 30 minutes.  Yellow Belt.

Learn from 80/20 Rule Menu

The Amazing 80/20 Rule has the power to grow your business up to 16 TIMES FASTER and make your life a whole lot less busy and complicated.  Got your attention? Work through this Menu to learn some of the best lessons 12Faces has to offer.  Yellow Belt

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