SM5.2 Benefit from Theory of Constraints in Retail

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) argues that good growth can be achieved by focusing on the one or two limiting factors or “Constraints” in a production system. This article applies TOC to the Wholesale/Retail sector.

LB3: Quick Goal Setting for Time Poor

Goals for your business are critical, otherwise, how do you know where you are heading?  But, if you are not used to setting goals for your business, the first few times can be rather overwhelming.  There is a lot of advice on what they should look like. The range of choice in targets and directions can be so overwhelming that you just never get started!  This article walks you through a very simple way to get started with goal setting that will see 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals set in under 1 hour!Yellow Belt

C2.5.3 Increase Revenue – Sales Revenue

Another long lasting boost to your business can be a growth in Sales.  In this section, we outline how such Sales Revenue growth might be speedily achieved. Contents List: Focus on the Best Customers First Pricing Improve Sales Funnel Flow Over and Under Stocking By the time you reach this point in the Optimise100 Campaign, […]

C2.5.2 Increase Revenue – Improve Cashflow

Be mindful of the old adage; “Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity and Cash is king!“. There are a couple of quick boosts to your Cashflow that will help to give you Working Capital for use in tuning other parts of your business. Contents List:Surplus InventoryAccounts ReceivableAccounts Payable Surplus Inventory By the time you have […]

C2.3.5 Optimise100: Task Management

As you work through the plan for optimising your existing business en route to increasing Profits, you will be generating a large number of tasks as an outcome. Learn how to distribute these tasks and delegate them to your team. These tasks can rapidly become difficult to keep in your head and/or manage the process of […]

C2.5.1 Increase Revenue Increase Throughput

Throughput is the process of moving production through your business. Eventually the production will culminate in cash in your hand from a paid-for sale. Workflow management creates a faster flow (or throughput) of product through your business. What you have learned: That a strong focus on wasted effort and resources in your business will substantially […]

C2.4.5 Optimise100 – Zero Based Budget

One discipline applied to costs by high performing organisations is known as “Zero-based Budgeting”. Zero-based Budgets are built from the ground up each year instead of taking last year’s budget as a starting point. Start from the ground up instead of adding a little or taking a little away. Cost Centre Managers – Zero Based […]

C2.4.10 Cost Reduction – Reduce Staff Cost

Earlier on we wrote about the importance of having “the right people on the bus”. It is crucial to reduce Staff Cost to boost your Profit. At this point in the project you have decided: What products and what locations you want to retain What products and locations that you no longer need. There are […]

C2.4.9 Cost Reduction – Research & Product Development Cost

Research & Development (R&D) costs are an issue to address if you have any significant amount of money expended in this way. Make sure that your product development costs are economical. Scientists may have difficulty explaining to you, in “English”, about why the product development project is important and why the costs are necessary.  Push […]

C2.4.8 Cost Reduction – Reduce Fixed Costs

Fixed Cost or Overhead Cost are those that will exist even if the business does not hypothetically produce anything. Alternatively, they can be thought of as costs that do not vary directly with production output. They include things like office and factory space, furniture & fittings and realistically speaking include all labour other than casual labour. […]

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