Business Planning Resource Kit

Many small business owners don’t have a lot of interest in business planning.  And that’s probably understandable because traditional business planning is designed for large and stable businesses.  That approach does not reflect the realities of small business life.  So conventional business plannings doesn’t bring a lot to the table for all the work involved. […]

Business Coaching Service

Get personal business coaching and business mentoring on business strategy Just like it is hard to learn piano by yourself, business coaching can help build business skills It can be lonely out there for business leadersYour friends and family may not understand what you do and the problems you face.  Also, there are many things […]

12Faces Tools for Business Sustainable Success

If you fit this picture, 12Faces will help:

  • you are an owner of a medium sized small business.  Say over $500K in turnover and 5 or more staff
  • you know there are problems with your business, like Cashflow to pay wages and taxes when they fall due, but you aren’t sure how best to fix these problems
  • you think there is more information of use in your accounts but not sure how to extract it
  • you don’t have staff that can brainstorm with you on Strategy so you feel your growth may be slowing
  • you work long hours but there are still many things to do that you wish you could get off your back, if you only had a trusted advisor to help
  • all of this uncertainty is piling stress on your shoulders and reducing your quality of life

What does 12Faces mean?

You will be familiar with a Rubik’s cube and its 6 faces.  The challenge is to get the same colour on every cell on a face of the cube.

We think there are 12 faces to  the enterprise a business leader is running;

  • six relate to the business
    • revenue creation like sales, pricing, product range
    • operations like workflow, variable costs, inventory
    • overheads like office costs
    • systems like IT and accounting
    • people issues like motivation, hiring and
    • finances like cashflow
  • six relate to the leader and their team.  They are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to improve the personal skills required to run a successful business
    • decision making skills
    • self management like time management and working efficiently and effectively
    • leadership of and by staff
    • planning to maximize sustainable business success; however success is measured
    • performance measurement to identify weak spots and measure their improvement
    • workflow efficiencies like wasted work, production co-ordination

A 12 faced figure in geometry is called a Dodecahedron.  We refer to our 12 faced approach by the catchy term “Dodeca“.

Our Mission is to get each face of your Dodeca showing green for good health.


How does 12Faces work?

Our Strategic Advisory Services help in three ways:

  1. A collection of tools to analyse your current business health and provide you with a simple, easily understood visualisation of what you can work on to reduce your problems and get your business back on a healthy growth track.
  2. We understand there is a ton of information on what to do but not so much on how to do it!  We have a portfolio of short, easily implemented and permanent solutions you can choose from to fix your most important problems.
  3. We know it often helps to have someone to discuss issues with.  We offer a range of advisory support services so you have help on hand when needed

How do we know what Strategic Advice you need?

The 12Faces team have started, run and exited several business like yours and these are the issues we faced.
Along the way, we have been “Telstra National Small Business of the Year” and 4 times in the “BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia“.
We are now providing our services so you don’t have as much stress as we did. 
We run everything we do past the simple test – would this have helped us back when we started and ran a business like yours?

A Leader’s Skillset defines the Opportunities for a Business

Running a medium sized business is like the conductor of an orchestra. The orchestra will only perform as well as the conductor can lead it.

Many Business Leaders got promoted for their technical competence as (e.g.) engineers, marketers, accountants  and then had to learn management by the well known “sink or swim” principal.  This is wasteful of resources and stressful for the Business Leader.

Six of our Dodeca faces cover Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for you as Business Leader.  Improve your personal skillset as and when you feel a need with our on-demand support.

How does 12Faces Operate?

  • We only work for Business Leaders individually.  We give you frank, independent and useful assistance which works best when unfiltered by your staff.
  • Every business is different and every business owners priorities are different.  We help you work out your priorities then we help you attain your goals.
  • The pressure of work often leaves good intentions unfinished.  We’ve been there!  Now we use the well known PDCA Cycle (Plan / Do / Check / Act) that contributed to Toyota’s remarkable success.  We encourage you to use ‘bite-sized’ chunks of improvement in your business so things get finished.
  • You and your staff are most incentivised with wins.  We focus on giving you frequent small wins.  The flywheel effect means these small wins quickly add up to big improvements.
  • The other advantage of this approach is that, if something doesn’t work out, you have lost little time and resources and can quickly regroup to get restarted.  Hiccups are inevitable (consider the COVID pandemic). This way, minimum damage is done and recovery is faster.

What is Sustainable Business Success?

Different types of enterprises define Success in different ways.  A NFP might call it funds raised for their charitable work.  A local government might define it as ratepayer satisfaction.  A private company might define it as profit.  The moral is that success is measured differently for different types of enterprise.

Individual Business Leaders might also define success differently.  Some want to grow at all cost.  Others have worked hard and now want a better lifestyle rather than just more growth.  Some are looking to sell the business and make a good exit that leaves them comfortably off.

The lesson is that Success means different things to different Leaders

12Faces recognizes this.  We offer you a choice of advisory options so you can assemble a business that maximizes your personal definition of success.

What you avoid with 12Faces Strategic Advisory Services

  • We do not position ourselves as high profile gurus.  They generally cost a lot and try to force you down a single path which may not suit you.
  • You are not locked into long term, expensive plans.  With 12Faces, you pay as you go!  You only pick the parts of our service that you need right then for your current issues.
  • We don’t have a fixed agenda.  You decide what is important to you and we lock in behind and help with implementation.  You are in full control, all the time.

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Diagnose your Business’s Health 

Use our tools to rapidly diagnose the problems ailing your business
Then choose from our range of solutions
and get Support when you want it

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Your Business Strategy Resource Centre

Here is what we offer in this one location:

A condensed collection of the best business strategy advice from experts (Knowledge Base)
Rapidly searchable to minimise your research time; saves reading lots of books
Diagnostic approach – get answers even when you are not sure what the problem is (Diagnostics)
Bundled strategy options to focus on specific issues in your enterprise (Accelerators)
[Turnaround troubled business in 30 days, Optimise a business in 100 days, Grow your business in 365 days and protect against disruption with the 1000 day Innovation strategy]
Introduce a Toolkit of strategy development techniques you will use time after time (Toolkit)
Web based, 24/7, worldwide

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Our Target Client is You; the Business Owner

We work 1:1 with you as an individual as your brains trust to help you with Strategic Planning.
This allows us to personalise the experience according to your planning experience and what you want to know more about.
If you have teams reporting to you, we help you not only with the planning side of things but also how to bring your teams on board. 


 Tons of Support Building Business Strategy

It can be lonely out there!
We are here to help you
Forums, Help Desks and 1:1 Coaching

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About 12Faces

Founder Scott Williams has been in medium-sized private business for decades; he knows small and medium business.
His businesses have been National Small Business of the Year and have listed 4 times in the Top 100 Fastest Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia.
He was Mayor of a local government and Chaired the Independent Audit Committees of 3 local governments, he learned their management.
He Chaired the Finance and Planning Governance Committees of two Universities for a combined 19 years; he knows management at the big end of town.
He worked for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, he knows the International Small Business scene.

Everything he learned about business Strategy over decades is at your disposal in 12Faces

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Enjoy your 12Faces journey to Improved Business Strategy
Scott Williams

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12Faces User Benefits

Host of Features to Boost Business Performance

As a Business Leader, you face a myriad of problems on a daily basis.

It’s Personal

The 12Faces team has been there as well.  We know what you are facing.  We know we can help you find a way out of the maze.
12Faces is designed to address the issues that Business Leaders like you face.  We deliver to-the-point solutions designed to identify the problems, then suggest solutions then support you to implement the solutions of your choice.

We work exclusively for and with individual Business Leaders.  Together, we can form a ‘brain’s trust’ to supplement whatever other talent you have available in your businss to make running your business more fun for you..


Better Cash Flow 

Any one running a business knows there is a world of difference between the notion of profit and the reality of having sufficient cash flow to pay your bills and wages as they fall due.
Our tools measure the cash flow facts behind your accounting and bookkeeping P&L to clearly highlight why you might be having a cash flow problem.

Once a light has been shone on the issues behind your problem, 12Faces offers a suite of solutions that you can plug into reduce the cash flow problems.

Our solutions are intentionally structured in “bite-sized chunks” so you can quickly implement a particular solution, check the results and then do the next “chunk”; for as many ‘rinse and repeat” cycles as you wish.


Bigger Profits

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy profit!
12Faces has a portfolio of profit-increasing Campaigns ranging from 30 days to annual and longer.

You choose the Campaign suited to your business’s stage in the life-cycle of business and we help you implement it; quickly and efficiently.


Focused on Success

Many businesses consider success to be increasing profits.  As a Business Leader, you know that there are other measures of Success like lifestyle, retirement planning or improving your community.  

Once you define success in your own personal terms, 12Faces will assist you to tune your organization towards that goal.  We are not forcing you down a single path.  


Deeper Insight

Sadly many bookkeeping and accounting reports are borderline useless for day-to-day management!

You might have managers in place for some functions but, really, how well is that part of your business doing?  The incumbent manager is unlikely to blurt out any unpleasant truths until late in the downward spiral.

12Faces has a family of dashboard products that not only track what is going on but alert you to looming problems AND let you play around with “what-if” scenarios based on your actual data. 

Change your data from an opaque and not very useful heap of figures to dashboards clearly showing problems and solutions.   


 More Support

You probably know all too well the truth of the old saying “it’s lonely at the top“! There are many decisions and issues that you can’t easily share with staff or family.  
12Faces knows this so we have built a support ecosystem designed to help with everything from a simple “how to” question quickly answered to larger, strategic, issues that require more time and depth.


Suits your Experience

No doubt you are good at what you trained for technically.  But you might not be as experienced in management; especially as your business grows.  You find yourself facing a whole new ball of wax your technical training has not prepared you for.

12Faces is your backstop!  

Not only do we bring you highly applicable knowledge but we also pitch it to your present skill level so you can take advantage of it.  

Just like the marital arts, we graduate our materials by ‘belts colour’;

  • Yellow Belt is Introductory Level material, easily understood and used by everyone.
  • Blue Belt is more advanced material.  It will need more thought and not every business will need it.  Certainly many small enterprises won’t need Blue Belt materials or can use them selectively.
  • Black Belt is advanced material and used by advanced players.

But, the message is clear.

No matter what your skill level, 12Faces will help you improve your strategic planning and execution skills.

That’s what we do!


More Free Time

There is a good chance you are like many other Business Leaders.  You are flat out running the day-to-day operations and have little time to sit back and think about your business; let alone time to have a life outside of business.

This is a common problem so we have a family of solutions tailor made for you to pick the most appropriate and we work together to implement.


Less Stress

Poor cash flow, time management problems, low profit, people problems are all part of the life of a business owner.  They will never go away entirely but they can be reduced to make it more fun to own and operate your business.


That is what 12Faces does!  Try us and see if we can reduce the day-to-day problems you face and make your business life more enjoyable. 

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