SM1: Price Increases: 1% Change Gave 11% Profit Increase

The price increases Skills Module teaches how a small increase can have a dramatic effect on your Profit and improve profitability. Price is a major determinant of the profitability of your business. This module takes you through steps to achieve a rapid Profit increase due to price and change. Following, you will work through longer […]

SM3: De Stress

Stress is all around us. It is one of the major problems faced by business operators and management. Learn how to de stress by reducing the 4 main contributors. Deal with the typical stress points: people; time; money; events. Your business will become far more enjoyable. Reduce the constant worry about money by having enough […]

C3: Grow Your Business over 365 Days (Grow365)

There is no universal way to grow a business. It depends very much on your particular circumstances. However, there are some guiding principles and methodologies that can help to reduce the difficulty of growing a business. This course is an introduction to a number of the issues to consider before and during a growth phase. […]

SM5: Theory of Constraints Focuses on Bottlenecks

Every work flow in every business has at least one constraint. While that is the limitation, nothing you do elsewhere in the business will improve the business throughput to any extent. Therefore you should pay a lot of attention to finding and optimising your constraints. This Skill Module shows how.

SM4: Waste Reduction (Muda)

Waste is all around us in our businesses.  The enormous competitive impact Toyota had on other auto makers was significantly due to their management of the 8 different categories of Waste.  Office-based businesses may think they are immune but experts say they are likely to be the worst offenders.  Use this course to strip expense, […]

SM2: 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule, or Pareto’s Principle, is a very powerful tool for minimizing the amount of work you have to do to be productive. By focusing on the 20% of things that count, you will be 16 times more productive than a person who focuses on the 80% that don’t count; for the same amount […]

C4: Failing Business Turnaround 90 Campaign (T90)

This Failing Business Turnaround 90 course is designed to assist a business experiencing difficulties that may cause it to fail to undertake rapid repairs to stabilize it. From there, other 12Faces resources will help you on your Sustainable Business Success journey.

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