This page collects all the training and professional development courses we have for small business owners aiming for Sustainable Business Success.  While you can always find specific topics with the “Search” function on the site, these training packages assemble those materials into a more structured format to make it easier for you to cover any topic comprehensively.  All course are Yellow Belt unless otherwise indicated so they are fairly easy to follow.

Small Business Management Skills Modules

This collection covers topics about improving your profits and about making your life as business owner easier.

SM1.0 1% Price Change = 11% Profit Increase 

Price is major determinant of the profitability of your business!  A price change as little as 1% in a trial of 1,200 companies found the average increase in profit would be 11%.  Would you like a piece of that?  Yellow Belt

SM2.0 80/20 to Double Sales, Triple Profits

The 80/20 Principle teaches us that a minority of causes, inputs or effort (the 20%) usually leads to a majority of the results, outputs or rewards (the 80%).  A business focused on the 20% that counts will be 16 Times more successful than one floundering around in the swamp of things that don’t matter.  Is that worth knowing about?  Yellow Belt

SM3.0 How to Reduce Your Business Stress

Stress is all around us!  There is no doubt that many owners work under considerable stress.  Sometimes this is constructive because we are excited and challenged by growing the business and/or making it more profitable.  But all too often, events overtake us and we find yourselves fighting one alligator after another.  Its not healthy and can damage relationships.  See how to reduce stress. Yellow Belt

SM4.0 Business Efficiency: Waste Reduction

Business efficiency relies upon waste management. The well-known Toyota car company identified seven types of waste that had an impact on Productivity and Profit.  By gradually reducing these wastes, you can improve the Productivity and Profit of your business.  You might be surprised to know that office-based business often have the most waste! This article discusses how these types of waste might show up in your business; and what to do about them.  Yellow Belt

SM5.0 Theory of Constraints and the One Critical Focus

Contrary to what you might expect, there is generally only 1 or 2 parts of any business, or section of a business, that are worth putting your time into.  Known as the Theory of Constraints, this is the 80/20 Principle on steroidsYellow Belt

SM6.0 Profit Autopilot

For most businesses, profit is what is leftover at the end of the year!  And it may come as an unwelcome surprise when that profit is not very good.  But you can turn this around and work towards a guaranteed profit and adjust your business to arrive there.  See how with this professional development package.  Yellow Belt

Business Leader’s Briefs

This series outlines how a business leader might approach various goals and target.

LB1: Double Growth Through Innovation

This Briefing outlines how you can Double your Growth rate over a typical 3 year planning cycle by managing your business’s innovation and evolution with this goal in mind.  Blue Belt (but its not really hard)

LB2: An Introduction to How and Why of Business Plans

This introduces elements of business planning. Yellow Belt

LB3: Quick Goal Setting for the Time Poor

This outlines quick ways to set Goals or Destinations for each of 3-5 year Destination, One Year medium range and each Quarter GamePlans.  It is a quick introduction to the 12Faces SBS Planning Framework.  Yellow Belt

LB4: Getting Stuff Done When There is Lots

As a business manager, there is always more stuff to do than you have time to do.  If you want to work reasonable hours and have a life, you will have to prioritize what you do.  If you don’t manage your work routine you can lapse into multitasking AKA the “kiss of death”Yellow Belt


Throughout 12Faces we talk of 30 day GamePlans and longer 1 and 3 year Goals and Destinations.  Here are a set of template plans for particular business situations and goals you can use as a base for your own planning.

C2.1 Optimize 100 Campaign

O100 is a 100 day GamePlan designed to help you optimize your current business.  Over time, waste will creep into what you do and often you don’t take the time to pause and remove unnecessary activity.  Left untouched, you will have expend effort dragging all this waste forward; as well as the productive parts of your business.  It is sensible to do an O100 style GamePlan before others and repeating it every year or so to “take out the garbage”Yellow Belt

C3.0 G365 Plan to Grow Business

This is an outline of a One Year framework to grow your business.  It suggest sequences of activities that you can use as a basic template for your actual Quarterly and Annual plansYellow Belt

C4.0 T90 for Troubled Business

Sadly, businesses can run into tough timesT90 is a 90 day GamePlan outline of things for you to consider to start to get your business back into healthy territoryYellow Belt

C5.0 Ratchets for Sustainable Business Success

(proposed – watch this space!)

C6 Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing (like Adwords, SEO, Google Business Profile and Directories) is vital for any business that relies on attracting customers from a local catchment area around their business.  This Campaign outlines and approach using 3rd party tools.

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