Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Using

Prospecting is a key process for any business, finding those unqualified leads and nurturing them to be happy customers.

But for something that sounds so simple on paper, it can be tricky to know if you’ve really done everything you can, or if there are more effective ways of getting better results.

Here are a few of our favourite techniques.(more here)


The Psychological Trick Behind Getting People To Say Yes (Video)

What is the Power of Persuasion?

Robert Cialdini discusses his latest technique for selling – “Pre-Suasion”.

This is a revolutionary way to get people/customers to be sympathetic to your message before you actually deliver it.

What you say, immediately before you deliver your message, leverages your success tremendously…..(watch the video – 8 mins)

This article was courtesy of Business Mentoring Noosa


Website Tuneup

Your website is an essential marketing tool and can often be a major sales tool as well.

When you designed your website, it probably represented the “state of the art”.

Over time, you will have fresh insights into what works, your competition on the search pages will change and your product emphasis may have changed.

Website design and search engine optimisation are large industries in their own right, this article points out things that you can look for in a website designed for you by others.

This is so that you can improve the effectiveness of your site and ultimately your sales….(more here)


Is Idea Validation Necessary Before Starting Your Business?

The question above seems very easy with a straightforward answer in affirmative.

But in reality, the answer is not that simple and comes with a lot of complications, especially when it comes to predicting the future of extremely innovative business ideas that are way ahead of their time.

So shall we stop working on the ideas, which are ahead of their time, because they are not getting validated in the market?….(more here)


How To Improve Your Customer Relationship In Business

Customers are important to your business because, without them you wouldn’t be making any money.

Some businesses often neglect their customers, particularly those who’ve been loyal to the company for a while.

So, here’s a few ways to improve your customer relationship for your business….(more here)


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