Local Search Marketing is a very important tool for local small service businesses which draw on a local catchment area to find new customers. Our digital marketing services are designed to be easy to use for businesses that sell services locally, like the building trade, health professionals, architects and accountants. Also, for retail businesses that draw on local communities, like plant nurseries, car sales and outdoor furniture.

12Faces specialises in your Sustainable Business SuccessTo save you time researching and setting up your Local Search Marketing strategy, we have researched and pooled resources to help you develop a successful Local Service Digital Marketing strategy that suits your small business.

To discuss this powerful bundle of resources, email us on reception@backstop.business  

Introducing our Local Search Marketing Resources

We use the highly acclaimed BrightLocal app to build a Local Search Ranking system to monitor and improve your Local Search performance.

You can see more on this 2:15 minute video from BrightLocal to get an idea of all the important digital marketing areas it covers.  This article is an introduction to the full set of Local Search management tools provided in this app.

With 12Faces, we set you up to get started and then provide a system for deciding your priority areas to focus on to boost rankings.  You can choose to do these improvements yourself or use one of our business coaches when, and if, you need some additional help or inspiration.  We have also put together a GamePlan to make your introduction to, and use of, our Local Search Marketing tool much easier. 

This app is part of our collection of tools to monitor and improve your businesses’ health. Learn more about  12Faces Mission Control centralising important marketing monitoring and indicates areas of weakness to address. 

Getting Started

Once you can see the great insights that BrightLocal will give you into your current Local Search Marketing and decide to sign-up with BrightLocal you have two options:

  • You can sign up under your own copy of BrightLocal for a monthly fee in USD that translates to about AUD$51.  It will fluctuate from month to month as the exchange rate fluctuates.  And, you are entirely on your own to set it up and work out how to use it.
  • Alternatively, you can sign up with us for AUD$110 per month (which doesn’t fluctuate with the exchange rate). We will set you up and help you through the whole process to take maximum advantage of this tool.  That is a total cost per month that is probably less than your hourly charge out rate. Given how much the Revenue of your business will be boosted, that is a great Return on Investment.  There is no commitment to stay beyond the first 3 months it takes to set you up properly. 
  • To discuss next steps, email us on reception@backstop.business

Quick Links to Local Search Resources

The present resources are listed below roughly in the sequence that you might need them;

  1. Our GamePlan 1: Local Search Marketing Auditor brings together a work program for the best setup and use of BrightLocal.   Start your LSM journey with this GamePlan.
  2. It make save you time and inconvenience by making us a “user” for some of the apps you want to integrate into BrightLocal like Facebook Business Pages and Google resources.  The methods for doing this are on this link
  3. Our Local Search Marketing review and repair process is based on the results of a regular Local Search Audit automatically conducted every month.  You can read an overview of the LocalSearch Audit here.
  4. Our Local Search Marketing Scorecard helps you consistently work out what next step will have the biggest payoff for your business.  It considers, time taken, cost and impact.  If you update it periodically, it will suggest “what next”
  5. The overall health of your Local Search program is tracked over time with the Local Rank Tracker.  This tool is vital to show any downturn in Local Search performance; which will always be a threat in the dynamic digital marketing ecosystem.
  6. The Mission Critical step of specifying your services and locations covered and assembling suitable keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many other steps hang off what you do at this step and hence its importance.
  7. One of the most critical local marketing assets is your free Google Business Profile.  This assembles all the information Google needs to determine your ranking position in any search results.  See our  GBP setup training here.
  8. Check your ranking for each service you offer and at each locality within your catchment area with Local Search Grid.
  10. Managing your listings or citations in on-line directories
  11. Ninety percent of potential customers read reviews and 83% believe them.  Clearly it is important for you to have an attractive reputation for potential customers.  Learn more about how to Measure and Improve your Business’s Reputation
  12. Learn more about setting up and managing BrightLocal yourself  and how you can make the changes necessary to boost your Local Search Ranking with the FREE BrightLocal Academy Lessons
  13. See Password Protected Logins below

Password Protected Logins

For your convenience, we have gathered the various logins to your private resources in one place.  Each has password protection for your privacy.

Copy this URL into your browser and replace the “XXX” at the end with your Client number.  You will need the password separately.

Login URL

Access will be provided to any of the following resources you are enrolled in. 

  • Mission Control: managing CRM, Social Marketing, Google Business Profile, Reputation Management and a host of other features.
  • Google Drive Folder:  this private area holds any material you have uploaded or contributed.
  • TrendBoard: visual dashboard of important financial trends in your business on monthly, quarterly and multi annual basis
  • BrightLocal: Local area SEO, Google Business Profile, Citations and Reputation Monitoring and Management
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