Is Your Revenue Stagnant or Declining?

You can increase your revenue with several different approaches that don’t necessarily mean having to focus on selling more. Also scrutinise the areas of your business that directly relate to Revenue increase to see if you can benefit from other techniques as well. 

Revenue Increase Problems in Your Business?

Undertake an investigation into Sales; Marketing; Pricing; Customer Retention; Product Range; Distribution Systems. Then eliminate inefficiencies. Consequently, achieve Revenue increase. See below for the links to fixes.

Selecting Next Diagnostic Step

Learn to use the 12Faces Diagnostic Process to best advantage, click More Info.

Revenue Increase Choices

How to Improve Sales and Marketing

Overhaul your Sales and Marketing processes to increase your business Revenue. Learn about Marketing Plans, Sales Funnels, Lead management. 
Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Distribution Channels: Wholesale and Retail

Are your suppliers difficult to deal with? Holding too much inventory? Or not enough and losing sales! Includes eCommerce, distributors and agents, shopfronts and other retail outlets. 

Cost Reduction: Same Outcome as Growing Revenue

Reduce Overhead, Production and Operating Costs and see the savings go straight to your Profit. Improve productivity; reduce waste; analyse, monitor and manage your costs. Direct link to Tools are available at this link.

Revenue Increase: Expanding Sales Territory

Investigate what to consider before you make the decision to expand your sales territory. Revenue increase can occur with optimisation of your current sales territory alone. Who are your current and potential customers?
Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Pricing Strategies: How to Find the Best

Learn how to use discounting, increase prices and optimise pricing. Research shows that a 1% increase in price delivered an average 11% increase in Profit. What are you waiting for? Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Revenue Increase: Growth by Acquisition

Rapid growth can be achieved by acquiring and ‘bolting on’ another business. It comes with risks so read up on the subject first.

Revenue Increase: How to Select Product Range

Learn about Merchandise Planning. What does this consist of? Consider various issues effecting pricing – like surplus capacity. Also, learn how to optimise your product range – smaller or larger range, target audience. Find out how the Boston Consulting Group Growth Share Matrix helps. Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Managing Industry Wide Disruption

Whole industries are disrupted by changes in technology (e.g. vinyl records to streaming services), marketing channels (e.g. e-commerce) etc. If you can’t manage the disruption, maybe consider an exit by selling your business.

How to Improve Customer Retention

Learn how to maximise your customers lifetime value. This has an enormous multiplier effect on your Profit. At the same time, increase their average spend. Click here and see how. 

Managing New Local Competition

Do you have new competitors, locally or via the internet? How are you responding? Think about Amazon’s impact on bricks and mortar shops. You can achieve revenue increase and reverse the decline. Look at your Pricing Strategies and Merchandise Planning. Outsmart your competition. Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Revenue Increase: Growth Through Innovation

Learn how to maximise customers lifetime value for Profit. What products are working, what need replacing. Are your competitors innovating and moving ahead? Work on your innovation strategy now and achieve revenue increase. Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Improve The Usefulness of Accounting Data

Many accounting systems use historical data based on the flow of cash in and out of your business (cash accounting). For most industries, this gives a very misleading picture of the true health of the business. Revenue increase will be easier to achieve using more forward looking accounting systems, like accrual accounting. Direct link to Tools are available at this link.

How to use our Diagnostics

Click on relevant links above to drill down and find possible solutions to your current issue.

Know of other Diagnoses and Solutions?

Please let us know of other possibilities by emailing us with an outline.  We will update our resources so you will be helping those who follow you.

Find business problem solutions with other Diagnostic Tools

Business Symptoms of Unknown Cause

The reasons behind the problems concerning you may not be clear cut.  This Tool helps to narrow down the underlying reason for your problem and sets you on the path to solutions.

How to Increase Business Revenue

Investigate Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Customer Retention, Product Range, Distribution Systems symptoms and then eliminate inefficiencies to increase Revenue

See how to Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Cost of Goods Sold, Production Costs and Operating Costs by improving productivity as discovered by Henry Ford and later improved by Toyota.

Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs

Overhead Costs or Fixed Costs like rent, permanent labour and other costs that do not fluctuate with your day-to-day production levels directly impact on your Operating Profit

Issues with Business Information Systems

Finance, accounting, IT and legals are information systems a business needs. Find solutions to common issues here.

Managing Staff and Your own Productivty

Managing staff and your own productivity are critical issues because people make your business work. Learn more on problem resolution

Business Planning and Business Decision Making Techniques

Planning need not be complex.  We show simple solutions with proven effectiveness.  Along the way, we introduce some decision making tools to simplify hard decisions.

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