Is Your Gross Profit Margin Ratio % Falling?

Unsure of what Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis refers to and why it is so important? 

No Idea Why or What to do About It?

Here you will find the Theory behind the Gross Margin % and solutions to understand the causes and how to correct the problems.

Selecting Next Diagnostic Step

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Choices for Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis

Theory: Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis Explained

What is Gross Margin Analysis and how does it relate to your Profit? Learn when to use, data required, calculation, interpretation and future proofing.

Branch: How to Manage Pricing: Cost of Inflation

Costs like labour increase with inflation. If you don’t increase your price to compensate, you will bear all the costs of inflation. Have you discounted prices to stimulate sales? If the discount does not compensate for the reduced Profit per sale, your Gross Profit Margin will fall. Direct link to Courses and Skills Modules are available at this link.

Branch: Managing Increased Materials Costs

Do you think that Inventory management is only for manufacturing businesses? All companies need to manage their stock costs – stationery through to large items. Re-order management, small batches, over and under stocking.

Branch: Increased Casual Labour Costs

Has your casual labour received a pay rise? Consider increasing prices. If they haven’t, then look at the labour efficiency. Processes, over staffing, training, morale, leadership. What is your Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis showing? Direct link to Courses and Skills Modules are available at this link.

Branch: Decreased Operational Efficiency

Learn how to reduce waste (muda); the 80/20 rule; Theory of Constraints (TOC); people management; play a simulation game with dice. In addition, learn how to streamline your inventory and manage repetitive work. Also systematically conduct one-off projects. This will improve your Gross Profit Margin ratio.

Tools: Get Greater Insight With ScoreBoards  

Sustainable business means ongoing. For that reason, efficient business information systems are crucial. TrendBoard releases the secret information hiding in your accounting reports. ChangeBoard tests the impact of change on key levers in your business. For example, percentage change in price. MyDodeca monitors your personal business skill set.

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