Effective Business Information Systems

Could Your Operating Systems Be More Efficient?

Effective business information systems are paramount to the sustainable operation of your business. 

Enable Your Staff to Operate Efficiently

Efficiently developed and written down systems allow all staff to be operating from the same manual.

Selecting Next Diagnostic Step

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Choices For Effective Business Information Systems

Monitor and Manage Performance and Finances

Don’t get to the end of the financial year and discover you have worked for nothing. Monitor and manage Revenue; Operations and Production; Overhead Costs; Inventory; Cash flow. In addition, learn what options you have to manage the areas where you are not an expert.

Staff Management & Human Resources

Are you feeling stressed due to work overload? On the other hand, are you struggling to motivate your staff and encourage productivity? Find out how to improve your leadership skills and obtain a happy work life balance. Also, these skills work on customers and suppliers as well.

Business Systems: Problem Solving & Decision Making

Are you a sole business operator? Alternatively, do you have a team of staff? Then this link will give you the skills to problem solve; prioritise tasks and brainstorm on your own or with others. Learn about the 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique; HiPPO (sounds interesting); and how to generate a million ideas in 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes. Even more than this awaits you.

Information Systems: Measure and Manage Risk

Learn how to create a business information system focusing on Risk Management. Classify the risk, control the risk, monitor the risk and insurance cover. Additionally, protect your wealth that the business generates by continuing to monitor these risks. Also, this will enable you to be ready for changes in legislation, trends and staffing that will affect your risk.

What Legal Framework to Consider

The legal structure of your business will depend on a number of factors. Some of these are: what stage of the business life cycle; work life balance strategies. In addition, it is important to know how to communicate with your legal advisor. Use this link to access the articles that cover these points.

How to Setup and Manage IT Systems

It is crucial to select an effective business information system. This is because Information Technology (IT) exists in all areas of a business today. From Sales & Marketing through to accounting, projects, inventory and outsourcing. Here, you will find the tools to create, manage and monitor your information systems.

Business Systems: Standard Operating Procedures

Effective business information systems ensure that you have standard operating procedures for your staff, clients and suppliers. These articles cover leadership skills; work life balance strategies; staff management; staff motivation; customer retention strategies and more. 

Course: C4.0 Troubled Business: Turnaround90 

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Tools: Get Greater Insight With ScoreBoards

Sustainable business means ongoing. For that reason, efficient business information systems are crucial. TrendBoard releases the secret information hiding in your accounting reports. ChangeBoard tests the impact of change on key levers in your business. For example, percentage change in price. MyDodeca monitors your personal business skill set. 

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