Inundated With Business Problems?

Are you struggling with the business problem solving process? Would you love someone to brainstorm these problems with? Learn about the 5 whys and 5 Hows and how to solve complex problems.

Drowning In Demands On Your Time?

Learn about the 80/20 Rule and prioritise the problems you are facing. The links below will give you that and more. 

Selecting Next Diagnostic Step

Learn to use the 12Faces Diagnostic Process to best advantage, click More Info.


Choices for Business Problem Solving

Business Problem Solving: Good Decision Making

Learn about team decision making; the 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique; Weights and Scores prioritising technique and more. In addition, learn how to get stuff done when there is lots. Also, what is the HiPPO effect? Fascinating. Read on for a lot more.

Business Problem Solving: How to Prioritise Tasks

Understanding how to prioritise tasks will lead to happy and motivated staff. Not sure why? You will have a clear picture of your businesses direction and goals. Secondly, business problems will be solved systematically. Learn about things such as Agile, Scrum, Sprints; 80/20 Rule; Theory of Constraint (TOC); decision making and much more.

Brainstorm Ideas By Yourself and With Others

Generate a million ideas in 30 minutes. Sound too good to be true? Also learn about HiPPO which can effect your business problem solving process. Included in this list of articles is information about mentors and coaches. When are they useful and what is the difference between the two?

Course: C2.0 Optimise100

Either, your business has been operating for some time or you want to grow. Eliminate the wasteful habits; check your pricing and overhaul your costs. These will all drag on your Profitability. Your goal is Sustainable Business Growth. This is the course for you. Sign up now.

Course: SM5.0 Theory of Constraints  

The Skills Module, Theory of Constraints (TOC), is an important optimising technique to improve the work flow through the constraint in your business. This is true of many businesses, not just manufacturing. TOC needs to become an ingrained habit.

Course: SM2.0 80/20 Principle  

Increase your productivity and sales by 16 times. Sound too goo to be true? Then read on and find out how. The 80/20 Principle literally means that 80 percent of what you achieve in your job comes from 20 percent of the time spent. Also, this can be applied to all aspects of what you do. Click the link above and see the example.

Course: SM4.0 Waste Reduction

Business efficiency relies upon waste management. Learn Toyota’s process and how it impacted Productivity and Profit. Waste refers to all industry types. Plan and reduce waste for your business lifecycle.

Course: SM3.0 How to De-stress Introduction

Learn to differentiate between constructive and destructive stress. Are events overtaking you, fighting one to then get attacked by another? This stress is not helpful. Find out about the 4 most common sources of stress and begin to rebuild on more productive lines.

How to use our Diagnostics

Click on relevant links above to drill down and find possible solutions to your current issue.

Know of other Diagnoses and Solutions?

Please let us know of other possibilities by emailing us with an outline.  We will update our resources so you will be helping those who follow you.

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