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As Many as 1 in 5 Businesses, both Large and Small, Fail

That is a very sad fact when one considers all the hopes, time and money that have gone into the business and is now going down the drain in a failing business! Reduce the risk with our DIY Failing Business Turnaround Program

Business owners often;

  • are good at what they do but are rather lost interpreting financial statements
  • even then, most accounting is done for tax and is hopeless for management purposes
  • haven’t got anyone to share the problems with. Co-owners may also lack the necessary survival skills. Professionals are expensive and often hard to understand.  Often the problems can’t be shared with staff without damaging morale.

What can you do?

We have assembled a special bundle of our resources to get you back on track for our Mission which is your Sustainable Business Success

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Here is a Sample of 370+ Business Issues and 110+ Tests Covered!

Business Profitability

  • Cash Flow – the life blood of business
  • Reduce stress
  • Have money available to pay your bills
  • Setup “Piggy Banks” to pay bills when due
  • Business liquidity
  • Tools and Analytics
  • Boost your Accounts Receivable

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Improve inventory management
  • Reduce the 8 types of production waste
  • Powerful Gross Margin Analysis
  • Perfect stock levels: understand over and under stocking
  • Focus on the important issues – 80/20 Rule

Increase Revenue/Sales

  • Improve your Sales & Marketing
  • Expense reduction 
  • Find the best pricing strategies
  • Plan your product range
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Distribution channels and sales territory

Follow the Intuitive, Drill-down, Diagnosis Path For Your Failing Business

A medical problem is similar to a failing business problem or business issues. You go to a doctor for advice on how to improve some element of your health.

They will listen to your symptoms, make a diagnosis, possibly confirm it with some tests then suggest a course of treatment.  At later visits, they will monitor if the treatment is working.

We do exactly the same thing. You get inspiration about what is wrong with your business. And then how to remedy the business problem.

You don’t need an MBA or years of management experience. 

Just click on what your gut tells you seems like the business issue. Then step down through multiple layers of options. Finally, end up at a list of possible Treatments. This list is for whatever your current business problem is.

No academic experience needed.

Flexible Subscriptions For Your Business Problem: What You Want, When you Want It

We have simple-to-use tools for you to:

  • Diagnose your current business issues.
  • Get inspiration and improve your business problem. For example, Revenue and Operating Costs.
  • Then, turn that into a simple  “What’s Next plan”. This assists you to move your business forward.  No planning experience required.
  • Finally, this monitors progress and keeps an eye out for any looming business problem. Before they seriously impact your business.

You only subscribe to what you want, when you want it. You can discontinue at any time on a month to month basis.

No long term commitments or big up-front payments

Graduated to Your Skill Level

 Just like the Martial Arts use coloured ‘belts’ to measure your skill level, we grade the degree of difficulty of our tools to your present skills set. 

Every manager that ever there was started as a ‘white belt”, or novice, manager.  They progressed from there.  We use the same approach to deliver tools for your business problem. This assistance is at the skill level (or ‘belt’) that you choose.  Your belt level often varies with the business issues. Because you are more familiar with some topics than others.  You choose your belt for each topic!

Improve your Management Skills at Your Own Pace

Why Stress Yourself Unnecessarily?

As a Manager, you will often be in the position of not knowing what is the next best step to solve your business problem. In addition, you often won’t have someone to brainstorm about the business issues. You might not want staff to know bad news.

Rather than bury yourself in a stack of books and blogs, we have teased out over 110 tests in our structured Diagnostics. These guide you down a path to solutions for your business problem.

Is your business troubled? Alternative sources of advice like Business Coaches, Accountants and other experts will cost you much, much more. Even if you choose to use experts, a bit of advanced search with us will help. This give you the insight to ask the right questions. Hence, saving you time and money.

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