How does 12Faces work?

Our Strategic Advisory Services help in three ways:


A collection of tools to analyse your current business health and provide you with a simple, easily understood visualisation of what you can work on to reduce your problems and get your business back on a healthy growth track.


We understand there is a ton of information on what to do but not so much on how to do it! We have a portfolio of short, easily implemented and permanent solutions you can choose from to fix your most important problems.


We know it often helps to have someone to discuss issues with. We offer a range of advisory support services so you have help on hand when needed.

We think there are 12 faces to any business:

Six relate to the business. Weaknesses in any of these areas will damage your business (remember the adage “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”).

  • revenue creation like sales, pricing, product range
  • operations like workflow, variable costs, inventory
  • overheads like office costs and R&D
  • systems like IT and accounting
  • people issues like motivation, hiring and
  • plan & measure, finances, planning and monitoring
The other six relate to the leader and their team. In other words they apply to the individual, not the business as a whole.  These individual areas use Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to improve the personal skills.
  • decision making skills
  • self management like time management and working efficiently and effectively
  • leadership of and by staff
  • planning to maximize sustainable business success; however success is measured
  • performance measurement to identify weak spots and measure their improvement
  • workflow efficiencies like wasted work, production co-ordination

A Leader's Skillset defines the Opportunities for a Business

Running a medium sized business is like the conductor of an orchestra. The orchestra will only perform as well as the conductor can lead it.

Many Business Leaders got promoted for their technical competence as (e.g.) engineers, marketers, accountants  and then had to learn management by the well known “sink or swim” principal.  This is wasteful of resources and stressful for the Business Leader. Six of our Dodeca faces cover Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for you as Business Leader.  Improve your personal skillset as and when you feel a need with our on-demand support.
Leader's skillset

Assisting Business Leaders

  • We only work for Business Leaders individually.  We give you frank, independent and useful assistance which works best when unfiltered by your staff.
  • Every business is different and every business owners priorities are different.  We help you work out your priorities then we help you attain your goals.
  • The pressure of work often leaves good intentions unfinished.  We’ve been there!  Now we use the well known PDCA Cycle (Plan / Do / Check / Act) that contributed to Toyota’s remarkable success.  We encourage you to use ‘bite-sized’ chunks of improvement in your business so things get finished.
  • You and your staff are most incentivised with wins.  We focus on giving you frequent small wins.  The flywheel effect means these small wins quickly add up to big improvements.
  • The other advantage of this approach is that, if something doesn’t work out, you have lost little time and resources and can quickly regroup to get restarted.  Hiccups are inevitable (consider the COVID pandemic). This way, minimum damage is done and recovery is faster.

Our Target Client is You; the Business Owner

We work 1:1 with you as an individual as your brains trust to help you with Strategic Planning.
This allows us to personalise the experience according to your planning experience and what you want to know more about.
If you have teams reporting to you, we help you not only with the planning side of things but also how to bring your teams on board.

Tons of Support Building Business Strategy

It can be lonely out there! We are here to help you with Forums, Help Desks and 1:1 Coaching.


Wondering what's wrong with your business? Are you spending lots of time working but not making any headway, and not the profits to make it worthwhile? Try our diagnostics tools, they'll identify the areas in your business that need attention.


We have accumulated a wealth of information on running a business, and the questions you are struggling with may already be covered in our knowledgebase. Please, take a few minutes to search through, there's even podcasts so you can listen while driving/walking/exercising.

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