What is 12Faces?

The Dodeca's part in 12Faces

Our branding is 12Faces , but what does that actually mean and how does it relate to our business?

You’ll be familiar with a Rubik’s cube and its 6 faces.  The challenge is to get the same colour on every cell on a face of the cube.

A 12 faced figure in geometry is called a Dodecahedron.  We refer to our 12 faced approach by the catchy term “Dodeca“.

Our Mission is to get each face of your Dodeca showing green for good health.


12Faces docedahedron

We think there are 12 faces to any business. Six relate to the business. Weaknesses in any of these areas will damage your business (remember the adage “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”). The other six relate to the leader and their team, in other words they apply to the individual, not the business as a whole.  These individual areas use  Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  to improve the personal skills.

What is "Sustainable Business Success"?

The catch-phrase or subtitle to our branding is “Sustainable Business Success“, but what does that actually mean?

Different types of enterprises define success in different ways.  A NFP might call it funds raised for their charitable work.  A local government might define it as ratepayer satisfaction.  A private company might define it as profit.  The moral is that success is measured differently for different types of enterprise.

Individual Business Leaders might also define success differently.  Some want to grow at all cost.  Others have worked hard and now want a better lifestyle rather than just more growth.  Some are looking to sell the business and make a good exit that leaves them comfortably off.

The lesson is that success means different things to different leaders.

12Faces recognizes this.  We offer you a choice of advisory options so you can assemble a business that maximizes your personal definition of success.