Why Use 12Faces?

  • We’ve been involved in medium-sized private business for decades; we know small and medium business.
  • We’re approachable, affordable and friendly!
  • We do not position ourselves as high profile gurus.  They generally cost a lot and try to force you down a single path which may not suit you.
  • We’re flexible! You’re not locked into long term, expensive plans.
  • You can pay-as-you-go! With 12Faces you can pay as you go!  You only pick the parts of our service that you need right then for your current issues.
  • You are in full control, all the time. We don’t have a fixed agenda.  You decide what is important to you and we lock in behind and help with implementation.
  • We work 1:1 with you as an individual to help you with Strategic Planning. This allows us to personalise the experience according to your planning experience and what you want to know more about.
  • If you have teams reporting to you, we help you with the planning side of things and how to bring your teams on board.
  • We have tons of support resources to help you, it can be lonely running a business on your own, and we’re here to help. Forums, Help Desks and 1:1 Coaching.

How do we know what Strategic Advice you need?

The 12Faces  team have started, run and exited several business like yours and these are the issues we faced. Along the way, we have been "Telstra National Small Business of the Year" and 4 times in the "BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia". We are now providing our services so you don't have as much stress as we did.  We run everything we do past the simple test - would this have helped us back when we started and ran a business like yours?

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