Business Blog; Content Tree

This page displays a structured list of the contents of all our business blogs.  Topics are grouped into the 12 types of business information that 12Faces uses to group best business practices.You can click on any blog to go directly to it.

D0: Information and Help 12Faces

D1: Grow Revenue

D1.1 Sales Processes and Profits

D1.2 Marketing and Profits

D1.3 Price for Maximum Profit

D1.5 Customer Retention

D2 Productivity and Operating Costs

D2.1 Inventory Management Efficiency

D4 Business Systems

D5 Manage Staff and Other People

D6 Manage Business Finances

D7 Problem Solving Decision Making Tools & Skills

D8 Business-Life, Time and Stress

D9 Business Planning and Execution

D9.1 Business Plans

D9.2 Execute a Business Plan

D9.3 Business's Lifecycle and Industry Type

D10 Performance Analytics

D11 Business Workflow

D12 Leadership Skills

Getting Started With 12Faces

12Faces Road Map

C3: Grow Your Enterprise in 365 Days (Grow365)

G1: Planning Business Growth

G2: Stabilize Failing Business

G5: Monitor Business Growth

G3: Optimize Business Growth

G4: Execute Business Growth

Diagnostic Menus

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