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This page displays a structured list of the contents of all our business blogs.  Topics are grouped into the 12 types of business information that 12Faces uses to group best business practices.You can click on any blog to go directly to it.

D9 Business Planning and Execution

Are Line Extensions for You?
Business Changes Planning: How to Choose Next Step
Business Goals: User Manual
Business Plan: Getting Started With Planning
Diffusion of Innovation AKA Crossing the Chasm
Do You Really Need A Business Plan?
Explore Profit Optimising / Streamlining Menu
Guide to Intellectual Property in Business
Home – Business Strategy Tools
How the Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA) Cycle Builds Important Routines
How the Profit Flywheel Accelerates Your Business
How Thinking Ahead Leads to Profitable Business Exit Sale
How to Become a Sales Category King
How to Build a Positioning Statement for your Business
How to Choose a Brand Name
How to Choose a Business Legal Structure
How to Do a One Page Vision Statement
How to do a Rapid Planning Outline When Uncertain
How to do Goal Setting for Business
How to do Profitable Start-ups
How to Feasibility Test Your Start Up
How to Manage a Stable Business
How to Manage Tough Times For Business
How to Plan a Profitable Takeover
How to Plan for Manufacturing Industries
How to Plan Work with Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
How to Start Up Businesses
How to use Adwords to Test your Business Strategy
How to Use Our Business Tune-up Menu
Living with a Cash Cow
Our Profit Accelerator Programs Introduced
Resources for Wholesale / Retail Industries
Sensitive Analysis: Measuring Impact
Small Business Strategy Consultant and Coach
Strategic Campaigns
Strategy Accelerators Toolkit
Strategy KnowledgeBase
Strategy Resource Materials
Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What is it?
Want to Start a Business: Learn How
What Business to Start
What’s In It For Me (WII-FM)
Why Boston Consulting Group Growth Share Matrix Helps
Your Business Strategy Support System
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