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Podcast & Video Catalogue

Editions prior to #31 were done under our previous brand name of Profit Savvy

Nugget 52: Realistic Small Business Planning

The planning techniques developed for bigger and more stable businesses don’t really suit small business.  We outline a system that does.

Nugget 51: Business Analytics for Small Business Owners

There is a great deal of useful information sitting dormant in your accounts.  Small business owners are often not training in how to retrieve this information so we have tools to do it for you.

Nugget 50: Business Coaches

12Faces has plenty of articles and training programs on topics.  We also offer the Business Diagnostics System when you have a problem but don’t know how to fix it.  Our third service adds Business Coaching on an hourly basis with no on-going commitments

Nugget 49: Failing Business Turnaround

1 in 5 businesses – both large and small are failing.  This is a sad waste of dreams, money and time.  We have developed a training aimed at helping a failing small business turnaround in 90 days; appropriately named Turnaround90 or T90 for short.

Nugget 48: Growing Local Service Business Depends on Headcount

How a Founder grows a Business depends on the staff headcount with Local Service Businesses like building trades, health professionals (like dentists) and professional services (like law and accounting).  Half of startups fail in the first year!  Learn how to avoid that sad outcome!

Nugget 47: Business Diagnostic Funnel System

Resolving nagging problems in a business can be simplified with the 12Faces Business Diagnostic Funnel System. This steps you though every stage of resolving known and unknown root causes of problems.

Nugget 46: Introducing Business Diagnostics

Every Business owner has nagging issues in their business.  They might not know why the problem is there or do know why but don’t know a solution.  Our Business Diagnostic tool will help.

Nugget 45: Tracking the Buyer’s Journey

Buyers rarely make important purchases without moving though a Journey of several steps.  Your marketing needs to be there at every step or you can miss out on the customer. Learn how!

Nugget 44: Local Area Marketing

Many businesses like building trades, allied health professionals and business services have a catchment area of a few suburbs to city-wide they need to market to. Learn how!

Editions prior and including #32 were done under our previous brand name of Profit Savvy

Nugget 32: When a Bottleneck is a Good Thing; The Powerful Theory of Constraints

Believe it or not, it is often a very good thing to find that you have some bottleneck in your production system.  A body of knowledge about how to take best advantage of bottlenecks has evolved into what is now known as the Theory of Constraints (TOC).  It is said that Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon, made the original book on TOC required reading for his managers; and Jeff has done quite well for himself!  Read the Article 

Nugget 31: Introduction to Sustainable Business Success

Our Mission is your Sustainable Business Success (SBS).  Listen to an introduction to what we think SBS means. Read the Article

Nugget 28: HiPPO Effect Reduces Meeting Productivity

There might be a problem causing your team meetings to under-perform.  And it might be you!  Hear more about the damage that can be done in team meetings if the boss always speaks first.  Read the Article

Nugget 27: 1% Price Change Gives 11% Profit Boost

Seemingly small changes in prices can boost your profit according to a study of 1,200 businesses.  Listen to the how and why of this profit boosting technique.   Read the article

Nugget 26: The Amazing 80-/20 Rule Improves Productivity 16 Times

Back in the 1890’s, an Italian economist found the roots of a phenomenon used by many productive people today to increase their productivity by up to 16 times by focusing primarily on the 20% of things that are important.  Read the Article

Nugget 25: Piggy Banks to Ensure Funds available When Needed

Every child understands “Piggy Banks”, they make sure money is available when needed. This is the the grown up version for business operators.

It aims to have money available when needed for periodic and fairly large payments like tax, rent and loan interest.  Read the Article.

Nugget 18: Focus on Just One Point in Sales Funnel and Do Better with Less

A sales funnel is a very busy and complex space.  Fortunately, you can simplify your efforts in the funnel and increase sales with less time and other resources.  Read the Article

Nugget 16: Local Optima; when efficiency is inefficient

Have every step in your service or production workflow working to its maximum seems like a good idea.  You are probably wrong! Hear why. Read the Article

Nugget 14: Business Needs a Clear Destination to Keep the Team On Track

Setting a Goal, Target, or as we like to call it, a Destination should be the first step of any new business or project.  Until you can clearly define a set of goals, further effort can easily be misdirected down unprofitable avenues.  Once defined, any particular effort being contemplated can be tested for value by asking, “will this contribute to our goals?”  Read the Article

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