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Welcome to 12Faces Diagnosis System to Solve Business Problems

When you go to the doctor, they ask you what your Symptoms are.  Once the doctor has identified the problem, they will suggest several alternative Diagnoses that might rectify the problem.  You choose one or more Treatments and begin to implement them.  We do the same here by showing how to solve business problems.

In 12Faces, GamePlans identify your destination – Tools are how we get there – Diagnosis is how we identify and fix specific issues

Choose the route that best solves your business problem; Symptoms or Diagnoses

I DON’T KNOW What is Causing my Business Symptoms!

Are you uncertain about why your business could be experiencing a particular problem(s)?
Start here to find and verify likely reasons for the problem.  Then go on to learn how to solve your business problem.

How to Interpret the TrendBoard Graphs!

TrendBoard is one of our tools for analysing your accounting information for clues about any unfavourable trends in your business.  If a trend in TrendBoard is looking unfavourable,  learn how to interpret the information and options for solving your business problem on this link.

I KNOW What Business Problems I Want to Solve Via Diagnostic Options!

When you have identified what your problem is, (say falling sales), our Diagnostics presents a number of candidate solutions. Then you can narrow down to work out how to solve your business problem. Diagnostics offers specific solutions to specific problems. For example, staff; marketing; production; accounting and many more.

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