Business Problems and Their Treatments

Business Problems and Their Treatments

Welcome to the 12Faces Diagnostics to Identify Business Problems and Suggest Solutions

When you go to the doctor, she asks you what the Symptoms are.  Once she has identified the problem, she will suggest several alternative Diagnoses that might rectify the problem.  You choose one or more Treatments and begin to implement them.  We do the same here with any business problems or solutions you need.

Choose the route that best suits your immediate issue; Symptoms or Diagnoses

Business Lifecycle Stages

All businesses go through stages in a lifecycle.  See these collections of materials on topics at a specific lifecycle stage


If you want a more systematic approach to resolving a particular business problems, we have training available.

Collections of materials to address specific goals in your business:

  • See all 12Faces Subscription Categories
    A guide to the 3 Subscription Categories:
    Campaigns – multi-month Campaigns to assist you to sustainably grow your business focusing on the lifecycle stage of your business.
    Skills Modules – cover a particular topic of interest to advance your business. Skills are designed as 1 month “Sprints” and address the most pressing business problem holding back your business.
    Leaders Briefs – all leaders are called on from time to time to make decisions in areas that they are not familiar with. These briefing notes give you a crib sheet for you to better understand the questions to ask and things to look for to make informed decisions.

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