How to Write a Persuasive Profile on 6 Popular Social Media and Web Platforms

There’s one particular bit of written communication on which you shouldn’t skimp: your personal and/or company description.

Not every entrepreneur has the same way with words. Some have little time for poetry; others are too verbose for their own good.

Here’s how to capture the essence on six popular web platforms(more here)

5 Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Use

The thing about marketing successfully is you have to work at it consistently, even when business is slow and you don’t want to spend the money.

If you master these five fundamental marketing strategies, your small business will prosper….(more here)

9 Facebook Social Marketing Tips

Whether you’re just starting up your business’ Facebook page or looking to bolster engagement on an already established page, now is the perfect time for some serious remodeling.

Not sure where to begin? No problem. Here is a list of nine tried-and-true social marketing tips. Read on if you’re ready to dramatically enhance your brand presence on Facebook(more here)

How to Fix The 2 Biggest Problems with Your Marketing

Small business owners, who struggle with marketing, can improve their results by learning the top two reasons marketing efforts fail – and developing a plan to address both…(more here)


Website and Internet Selling – 12Faces links

Website Tuneup 

Your website is an essential marketing tool and can often be a major sales tool as well. Over time, you will have fresh insights into what works, your competition on the search pages will change and your product emphasis may change. Follow this link to improve the effectiveness of your site….read more.

Powerful Marketing with Google Ads

The Google Ads service offers you both a marketing media and a laboratory to test your marketing ideas. For a comparatively small cost, you can quickly get enormously valuable insights into your actual or potential market….read more.


Some of the above articles are courtesy of Business Mentoring Noosa. 

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