12Faces Mission Control app is a one-stop tool that brings all the vital information on your marketing and business health together in one place and in a convenient format.

Mission Control is purpose-built for Local Search Marketing businesses.  These are business that provide services to a local catchment area and wish to improve their marketing and general business health. 

Examples of Local Search Marketers include services industries like building trades, health professionals, dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers and many retailers drawing on a local catchment area like plant nurseries and outdoor furniture.

Boost your Search engine marketing success with our Local Search Mission Control

Mission Control;

  • highlights your local marketing efforts and shows weak spots
  • tracks your financial performance
  • shows trends over time to quickly identify issues needing attention
  • makes your customer management easier
  • improves customer reviews and retention


An introduction to what is provided is listed below.  Contact us on reception@backstop.business to learn more.

Local Area Marketing

Monitor your local marketing performance and identify and fix any issues holding you back.


  • Local Success Scores: see how well you are marketing to individual locations in your catchment.  Improve geographic weak spots
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): shows keywords and locations where Google doesn’t find youFill these in to boost Google search results
  • Website audit: check quality and identify issues to fix
  • Consolidate Monitoring:  auto import your Google Analytics, Google Ad Words and Google Business Profile performance to one location instead of several
  • Manage Customer Reviews: monitor and grow your reviews from Facebook and Google Business Profile.  Reviews are very important for marketing success
  • Online directories: monitor and improve your listing in Tru Local,  Yellow Pages and 35 other directories that contribute to your ranking in Google searches

Marketing Media

Regular communication with potential and existing customers is critical for long retention. 

Mission Control includes;

  • Schedule social media: in advance and send simultaneously to all social media and Google Business Profiles with just one post
  • Single or broadcast emails: to anyone in your CRM
  • Web chat:  to get a dialogue going
  • Social media messaging: message to and from Facebook and other social media

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Keeping track of all your actual and potential customers can be a nightmare.  Mission Control simplifies all this into a single app which includes;

  • CRM functions:  covers all the normal CRM functions and monitors tasks, notes and correspondence with your customers easily
  • Centralized communications: multiple correspondence channels including email, SMS, phone and social media messaging all in one place for all staff to access.  Always uptodate.
  • Tag clients:  with your own flags to make finding clients of a particular type very simple
  • Automaticpipelining“:  so you can see all the contacts grouped by stage of the buyer’s journey with you or any other grouping that you want
  • Multiple search methods:  makes finding and grouping any contacts in the system easy and quick to do
  • Social media messaging:  talk to contacts on their preferred communications channel
  • Call Management: calls and missed call management including texts
  • Appointment setting:  allow them access to your calendar to set meetings.Send text and email appointment reminders
  • Centralized notes and tasks:  for each client accessible by your whole team from one place

Financial Health Monitor

Use the 12Faces TrendBoards to monitor the financial health of your business including;

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual performance monitoring:  watch changes over time and spot looming problems quickly
  • Graphical displays:  make spotting problems quick and visual
  • Monitor the key business data: revenue, costs, efficiency, cashflow, progress against revenue and profit goals are all available in easy to understand graphs
  • Counter inflation: input costs and wages are continuously rising and it is easy to forget to raise your prices to compensate for your increased costs.  Get a visual warning when your profitability is dropping due to inflation.
  • Data already available: the input data required is already in your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet printouts so no extra work required
  • More on TrendBoard including sample displays on this TrendBoard Introduction link

Simple, Speedy, Business and Market Planning

Most textbook business and marketing planning is unsuited to the realities of small business.  

Expecting detailed financial projections in 3 to 5 years’ time is totally unrealistic when a small business can barely see 6 months ahead.

Instead of planning methods developed for large and fairly stable big businesses, we have developed a flexible, low workload, business planning system for small business.

It comes with several ‘getting started’ plans for when you first use Mission Control to make the planning setup even faster.

Read more on our GamePlan System

Website Management

You can integrate your existing or new website into Mission Control to make it more accessible and convenient including;

  • Hosting WordPress:  the majority of websites are in WordPress.  You can access yours from Mission Control to DIY your own search engine tweaks 
  • Build new website: DIY yourself with drag and drop tools or add on more to an existing website simple.  Includes forms, surveys, chat and sales funnel pages
  • Add blog pages: convenient ability to add blog pages to improve your SEO and digital marketing 
  • Web chat: tool
  • Online billing: if required
  • Email hosting: if required

DIY or Outsource

Depending on your skills and available time, you can learn how to set up these tools and do it yourself.  

Or you can have our team manage whatever tasks you want to outsource to us leaving you to work more actively in your business.

Separate logins available so you can control who sees what in your Mission Control

Pricing and Next Steps

Pricing depends on what options you want and what set-up you want to do yourself.

The Bronze Package is $190 per month – cancel any time.  We will set you up to get started providing you agree to stay for at least 3 months so we recover our costs.

The Bronze Package provides;

  • TrendBoard: for financial health monitoring
  • Local Area Marketing: health diagnostics and  monitoring
  • Social and email marketing:
  • CRM: all the functions necessary to get you started
  • GamePlans: for business and marketing planning and associated business training
  • Designed for on-going use: these are essential tools for any small business.  The Bronze bundle covers all the important aspects of local marketing, monitoring and client relations necessary to get you started. 
  • Just $AUD190 per month:  Minimum of three month commitment is required to cover start-up then cancel at any time

Silver and Gold Packages available to cover:

  • Website management
  • Appointment management
  • Workflows

Project Pricing and suggested suppliers available for once off web work and other setup tasks.

To discuss further, contact us on reception@backstop.business

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