12Faces Mission Statement

Our clients have succeeded because they are competent in their original technical role. They have grown their business and now find themselves in a less familiar, more strategic, role.
12Faces assists business owners, as individuals, and according to their experience. We act as your personal “brain’s trust”!

Many business owners have a wider perspective of their business than just profit.  Also important may be personal satisfaction, reduced stress, comfortable lifestyle and pleasant work culture.
12Faces helps guide your strategy to foster any broader criteria important to you!

Time is scarce, formal education is expensive, books and blogs are not integrated into a strategy.
12Faces offers an on-line, 24/7, step-by-step method of identifying problems, then guiding progress towards your goals for the enterprise!

Any strategy implementation will have road bumps and questions of detail.
12Faces has an online, 24/7, business diagnostic service to identify, and then manage, problem root causes!

Some advisors may push a particular solution.
12Faces is open-source so we draw on “best practice”; not one ideology!

Like a carpenter needs a hammer, our clients need tools to implement their strategy.
12Faces provides a “toolkit” to address these common, repeating, management issues!

Due to their overheads, many advisors must charge high fees over long periods.
12Faces is a for-profit business able to offer competitive prices due to our low overhead costs.
Our profits are channelled into a registered charitable foundation focused on educating young people at schools and higher
education.  Since we are giving it away, we are incentivised by Service; NOT Profit!