12Faces is entirely focused on providing youpersonally – with virtual support for your business’s strategy development.

We work with individuals like you who, through their skill at the job they trained for:

1. Have started and grown their own business.

2. Been promoted from a technical management position to a broader executive management responsibility.

Often we find that this new role of “working on your business rather than working in it” requires a whole lot of new skills.

This transition from “doer” to “manager of what  is done” has traditionally required retraining with (e.g.) an MBA or at least extensive reading.

The problem is that you need solutions now.

You don’t have the time to work your way up such a long learning curve.

12Faces speeds up Strategy for you.

We help you quickly find tested and “best of breed” solutions to your business strategy design and implementation issues.

Beginning right now!  No delay! 24/7!

Read more about our three groups of tools to instantly start solving the things that are bothering you

1. Diagnose your existing problems with our drill-down business self-diagnosis tool.

2. Plan your longer term strategic direction with our Campaigns: 30 day business turnaround, 100 day business optimisation, 365 day growth and 1000 day innovation cycle.

3. Just like a carpenter uses a hammer every day, use our toolkit every day to build and implement your strategy.

Still not sure?

Email us on reception@12faces.business with your questions

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