This menu draws together the principal tools in 12Faces that focus on making your business as productive as possible.  Explore profit optimisation techniques and streamline your business. These are usually Tools that can be used widely throughout 12Faces.   Yellow Belt

Prioritising Tasks

Owner-operator businesses are invariably time poor.  There is just not enough time in the day to do a complete optimisation of your business.  We need a quick and effective way to decide where to focus and what time we have.  The best strategy is to focus on the things that count the most. Fortunately, science and experience tells us that about 80% of the improvement likely in your business comes from just 20% of the things that you might consider doing.  You need to find that 20%!  
Go to the Skills Module introduction: SM2.0 80/20 Sales Growth; Double Sales, Triple Profits 

Theory of Constraints

It may surprise you to know that there is usually just one point in any production line that limits (constrains) the output of the entire production line.

This applies no matter if we are talking about a manufacturing business, accounting office or a retail outlet production line.

Knowing how to find this constraint and what to do with it when you find it is covered in the discussion on the Theory of Constraints.
Go to the Skills Module introduction: Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Multitasking is very common and sometimes even claimed as a virtue.  However, research and simple common sense can quickly disprove this.

If your business and staff are multitasking, there is probably room for optimisation and streamlining that will lift your productivity.
Go to the article: Find the Hidden Dangers of Multitasking

Waste Reduction

Eight different types of waste have been identified.  These are chewing up your profit and are therefore well worth your attention.  See the
Go to the Skills Module introduction: SM4.0 Reduce Waste Increase Productivity

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