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You can access nearly all our content at no cost and 24/7.  Materials are interlinked so you can drill down on any particular topic of interest as far as you wish.

How you use this site is up to you.  But we do have strong opinions on the best way!  We encourage you to start with the “6 Steps” menu so that you start to develop a routine to get you to your chosen Destination.  If you don’t know where you are going, you will simply get lost!  Then, when you are in the “Doing” stage described on that page, you can tap into our “Fix SBS Problems” and “SBS Resources” menu pages to learn more about how to fix problems as they arise.


Our volunteer business mentoring scheme is based on similar successful schemes in (e.g.) New Zealand and Noosa Australia.

Experienced business people volunteer their time to meet with you usually by video conference.  You can talk confidentially about any issues where you would value a second opinion.

If mentors volunteer their time, why isn’t it free?  Well there are cost like admin and insurance that have to be paid even when the service is free.  The monthly fee charged is designed to be just enough to cover these costs.

We meet by video conference unless you happen to be in the same town.  Meetings are normally business hours.  You can have up to two meetings a month.  You choose how many. In association with your Mentor, you agree on when a meeting will occur and the date and time for the next one.

Meetings normally last about an hour but it is up to you and your mentor.  You will be charged monthly in advance and can cancel at any time but there is a minimum of 3 meetings to allow time for everything to settle down

Your Mentor will be allocated to you and will depend on availability.  We do not provide Mentors with specific skills.  Mentoring advice is only general in nature.  You should talk to a professional for specific advice.  Because the process is a bit like a “blind date”, you can request a change of Mentor if you wish.  We understand and are not offended when such changes occur; but they are rare.


This plan is for people who are serious about getting ahead.  Very often you don’t have staff that you can share confidential plans with.  Your Coach allows you to do that and you get the extra benefit of all their experience; far more than probably available in your own staff.

You pay by session so you can cancel at any time. But, keep in mind the world’s best sports people and company managers have coaches; because they give independent and unbiased feedback on your plans.  Useful criticism of your plans is very, very, hard to get.  That’s why Coaches are especially valuable and used by the world’s best.

You can use your Coach as you wish.  But we find the best approach is to use them for each Sprint and for your Quarterly Planning.  See the GamePlan articles for more on these terms if not familiar.  You get a second opinion and someone who can alert you to issues that you may not have even considered.

A meeting is the time taken to address an issue.  Typically it is an hour.  An example is a Sprint session wrap-up where you want some additional Coaching input.  If it is a bigger task like setting Quarterly GamePlans, a meeting might be longer but not exceed 2 hours.  Multiple meetings can be used if longer Coaching periods are required.

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