12Faces Pricing

How to Obtain Access to 12Faces Services and Tools

The range of 12Faces Service Offerings is regularly increasing.  Some services are free and others have a fee.  See all our Pricing here.

You can select any services you want and pay just that associated fee.  Or we have bundled services at lower pricing for various steps in your business’s journey to Sustainable Business Success.

Our range of offerings and any associated  pricing may change from time to time.  

Right now, access to most Offerings is FREE for a LIMITED TRIAL PERIOD if you register.  This offer is time limited.  After the trial, there may be a fee to continue.mo

Table of Contents

Business Performance Coaches

Even elite sportspersons use and benefit from Coaches.  A good Coach will see your business from a different perspective so they give you fresh insights into how your business can be improved.  They can also help to explain management terms and systems you are not familiar with. We offer an on-demand Coaching Service.  The fee is $AUD350 for a 1 hour face to face session. Also included in the fee is the additional time for the Coach’s pre and post meeting preparation

Free Resources

Community Forum
FREE Forum Access. Ask questions of our whole community when you find your self stuck.
crowdsourced advice
1:1 help
Business Diagnostics System
Find inspiration on how to find and treat known and unknown root causes of business issues
suits all business lifecycle stages
simple to use
works on known and unknown root causes
lists potential Treatment solutions
Business Trend Analysis App
Find unfavourable trends and identify root causes with TrendBoard
works on monthly, quarterly or annual data
bundled with Disgostics to halp analysis
give trend health on 12 indicators
no calculations required
Turnaround 30 (T30)
Our training guide for failing business turnaround.
appropriate for all levels of management expertise
self paced
additional 1-on-1 coaching available separately
Business Optimization Training (O100)
Optimize your Business for Sustainability and Growth
flexible timing
systematic approach
suits managers at any experience level
Continuing Professional Development for Leaders
USe these CPD resources to improve your business leadership skills.
Select specific areas to improve
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