12Faces Pricing

Choose Your Perfect Access to 12Faces Resources

To make your access to 12Faces as convenient as possible, we have five pricing plans to choose from.

FOREVER FREE suits if you are exploring the resources available.  You will not have access to planning and monitoring tools or professional development courses.

FULL ACCESS gives access to all information & Training resources on the site; both lessons to improve your personal professional development and tools to  help grow your business.

SOFTWARE adds custom software to monitor business and sales system health, project future growth and communicate and lead your team

ACCELERATOR adds in Coaching to help you achieve your goals faster.

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No Obligation

$ 00 00 forever
  • 370+ Business Boost Articles

    A wealth of information on managing your own business.

  • Owner POV focus

    Written for and by small & medium business owners

  • Community Forum

    1 to 1 Q&A of specific issues

  • Newsletters

    Regular emails for owner-operators  linked to deeper content


Access all Content

$ 160 00 per month
  • FREE Resources ++

    everything in Forever-Free offer plus...

  • Journey Planning System

    Kit of planning tools manage Sustainable Business Success Journey...

  • Personalized Training

    Select training content to build your skills

  • Every Growth Stage

    Materials bundled by Business Growth Stage

  • All Business Sizes

    Each size increment and problems covered

  • Diagnostic Tools

    Just like doctor, find solutions to known and unknown issues...

  • Choice of Training

    Wide range of on-demand focused training options...

  • Mth to Mth Subscription

    Credit card charged each month

  • Cancel any Time

    Cancel anytime without penalty




$ 490 00 per month

    everything in FULL ACCESS offer plus...

  • Sales Monitor s/ware

    Monitor mission critical sales system performance ...

  • Business Health s/ware

    Monitor critical business health signals . ..

  • Interactive Business Plan s/ware

    Build realistic business plan; quick and easy ... 

  • Staff Communication s/ware

    Direct staff 24/7 and build their participation ...

  • Mth to Mth Subscription

    Credit card charged each month

  • Cancel any Time

    Cancel anytime without penalty



Add Coaching

$ 850 00 per month
  • All FULL ACCESS ++

    Everything in FULL ACCESS plus Coaching

  • All SOFTWARE ++

    plus all the SOFTWARE tools ...

  • Monthly Coaching

    Coaching once a month to speed success



We do.  If you are not 100% happy in your first month and cancel your subscription, we will refund the full amount of your subscription for that month.  We would also very much appreciate your frank feedback about why our service did not suit you so we can improve the experience for future subscribers.

Yes!  You can go up or down the plan ranks.  So that we can design your routing, please email us at reception@backstop.business with your up or down grade wish and we will design a path for you.  

12Faces is primarily for the owner-operators of small to medium business.  While we understand that sometimes educational institutions or NFP may wish to use the service, there is presently no discount policy.  If you have a particular plan in mind, do feel free to email us on reception@backstop.business with your ideas. 

Your subscription is on a month by month basis.  You can cancel at any time via the “Account” menu link at the top of each web page.  Your service will cease at the end of your current subscription month.

We accept payment by credit card via a reputable third-party specialist.  Our pricing is in Australian Dollars but you can pay in many currencies.

You are welcome to email us on reception@backstop.business or connect via the chat box on your screen if you have further questions.  If you have a genuine interest, we can arrange a 15 minute video session but please email us with your queries in advance so we can be prepared.  Video sessions are presently limited to Brisbane, Australia times.

Still not sure?

Email us with your questions at reception@backstop.business

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