Training Categories


12Faces has several multi-month Campaigns which help business leaders to sustainably grow their business towards their own measure of success. 

  • Are you looking to continue your professional development?
  • Are you concerned about the costs within your business?
  • Would you like to optimise the operations of your business?
  • Are you happy with your Revenue but your Profits are lagging behind?
  • Do you have great staff but you are not sure how to give them suitable incentives?
  • Has your business been operating for a while and you are now ready for it to grow?
  • Is your business struggling and you are in need of assistance to turn it around?

12Faces Campaigns focus on all of these things plus assist with recognising the life cycle stage of your business. They are designed to prepare the business and you, its leader, for the next life cycle stage. Require more assistance? Contact us at [email protected]

The present offering is;