Get Support from 12Faces when you Need Help

It can be lonely out there running a business! 12Faces has assembled several tools for you to seek advice and support from your fellow business operators. Here we provide you with:
  • Q&A: a community forum where you can ask others for advice on issues of concern.  You can also contribute to help answer the questions of others.
  • Mentors and Coaches: a discussion area and some tools for offering yourself as a mentor or for finding a mentor.
  • Feedback: if you have a good idea on how to improve our service please email us with your feedback.  We very much appreciate opportunities to improve our service
  • Help Desk: if you need help, please create a Support Ticket advising us of the issue.
We want to expand 12Faces in the direction that best serves our clients.  Your feedback, questions and Support requests help us with that.  By tracking the issues most in demand, we can flesh out those areas.  This is the 80/20 Rule in action.
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