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Text about the nature of the problem trying to solve goes in here.  Eg falling profit.  SEO rich

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Text about any tests that can be applied to the issue to help decide which of the following nodes is the best.  E.g. if the gross margin is falling, test for a fall in sales or an increase in COGS and show a branch to both below. Choose branch depending on the test results.

Use your Business Problem Symptoms to find solutions

How to Select the Next Diagnostic Step

To learn how to use the 12Faces Diagnostic Process to best advantage, click More Info.

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Sustainable Business Success for small business

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Find Solutions to Symptoms

Click on relevant links to drill down on solutions to the symptoms your business is exhibiting.

Your business symptoms not covered?

We add to our Symptoms Checker as new issues are uncovered.  If your business symptoms are not covered here, email us and explain the symptom.  We will try to address your issue and add it to the list already covered so you will be helping those who come after you.

Click here to explore other diagnostic solutions

Other Tools for Business Diagnostics and Solutions

Business Diagnosis and Solutions for Known Business Problems

When you know the business problem you want to solve, start here to access our Known Problem Business Diagnostic Funnel

Business Diagnosis for Unknown Causes of Revenue Decline

Click this link when faced with a revenue decline but you are uncertain of what is causing it.

Use Business Diagnosis on Unclear Inventory. Operations or Production Problems

Use this link to start the process of resolving problems in operational aspects of your business.

Apply Business Diagnosis to Cash Flow Problems when you can’t pay bills

You can really feel the pain and stress when you don’t have the cash to pay bills and wages.  Start here to run a Business Diagnosis to find solutions

Begin to Diagnose your Business’s Viability and Future Direction

If your viability and future direction is hazy, start here to begin a systematic process to get a clearer path forward.

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