Our Mission is Boosting Your Sustainable Business Success

We bundle our resources to show how to solve business problems along each stage of  your business’s lifecycle.

Businesses have a lifecycle from start-up, through sustainability, growth and a lifestyle plateau and eventually to an exit sale or a closure.  Along the way, problems and difficult times often occur. Businesses fail.  Their growth plateaus.  Owners have to face the particular learning curves associated with moving from Solopreneur through Micro (1-4 staff) and then Small (5-19 staff) business and on to larger ones with over 20 staff.  Owners are stressed and over-extended.

This means more Profit and less Stress for You

What is Success for You?

Truth is it varies for everyone; and it will vary over time as well!

It might be;

  • lower workload and more time
  • greater profit
  • fewer problems so less stress 
  • managing transition from Solopreneur to Micro Business (1-4 staff) to Small Business (5-19 staff)

Every one of our customized Success Plans starts out with you deciding where you want to be in 3 years time. This is your 3 Year GamePlan.

Together, we set out to reach your 3 Year Success Objectives!

Many businesses get into trouble when they bite off too big a work program to manage. They have money problems, workload problems and the resulting rocketing stress levels.

Our system has you;

  • using our tools to prioritize the most important next step then
  • creating a 1 quarter Gameplan to achieve that step comfortably and sustainably
  • rinse and repeat

So, your success is choosing the next “best step” quarterly GamePlan that ratchets you towards your chosen  3 year GamePlan.

Making Steady, Low Stress, Progress to Your Chosen Success

You Turn Success into a Habit

Things change constantly in your business so adding your success Gameplans runs the risk of increasing your stress.

Avoid this with our Ratchet Routines.  You use the same approach over and over again to succeed.  It gets to be a sustainable habit and you get good at it.  Even better, you can teach your staff as well so more of your business runs in autopilot with staff shouldering what used to be your workload.

Ratchets use world class best practice workplans to;

  • reduce the steepness on the learning curve
  • reduce the risk of backsliding the business and
  • progressing to reliably achieve your personal definition of success!

Use Ratchets to succeed the first time then make a Habit of it

12Faces makes Success Sustainable!

Most Small Businesses Fail!

Don't let your business become a casualty statistic!

Don't burn yourself out reinventing the wheel

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