Tune Your Business Performance
Low Risk Steps to Ratchet Up Improvement

Big Leaps Forward are Part of your Business Success

Just as Important is Sustaining those  Improvements

Our Ratchet System Ensures Best Practice

Improve Your Business at Your Own Pace and Direction

All Part of our Mission for Your Sustainable Business Success

Don't Slip Back. Our Ratchets Move You Forward!

Eliminate the two steps forward, one step back problem!

Businesses often overdo their growth targets and run out of money
And that is just one risk dragging businesses backwards!

Our Ratchet System for Sustainable Business Success reduces the backsliding risk!

We use “ratchet” to describe our system for improving profitability while reducing your stress and the risk of the business going backwards

a ratchet is something that makes a situation change or develop in one direction only, for example by being able to rise but not fall …:– Cambridge Dictionary

You Turn Progress into a Habit

Things change constantly in your business so adding to your Success runs the risk of increasing your stress.

Avoid this with our Ratchet Routines.  You use the same approach over and over again to improve business systems.  It gets to be a sustainable habit and you get good at it.  Even better, you can teach your staff as well so more of your business runs in autopilot with staff shouldering what used to be your workload.

Ratchets use world class best practice work plans to:

  • Reduce the steepness on the learning curve
  • Decrease the risk of backsliding the business and
  • Progressing to reliably achieve your personal definition of success!

Our "Work Smarter Not Harder" Planning Method

Includes PDCA Technique Toyota Used to Thrash Competition

Proven Routines Ratchets Up your Business in Steps:

PLAN: what to focus on this step
DO:  the work in the step
CHECK: results are what you wanted and then
ADAPT: your next step to keep growing 

What Critical Business Aspects does 12Faces Cover?

We group the skills necessary to lead a successful business into 12 categories.  That is the origin of our brand name; 12Faces.  Our Goal is to help you achieve a harmonious balance on these 12 faces that suits your business at this time.

Six relate to the business. Weaknesses in any of these areas will damage your business (remember the adage “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”).

  • Revenue creation like sales, marketing, pricing, product range
  • Operations like workflow, variable costs, inventory
  • Overheads like office costs and R&D
  • Systems like IT and accounting
  • People issues like motivation, hiring and
  • Plan & measure, finances, planning and monitoring

The other six relate to you as Owner and your Team. In other words they apply to the individual, not the business as a whole.  We offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to improve personal skills.

  • Decision making skills
  • Self management like time management and working efficiently and effectively
  • Leadership of and by staff
  • Planning to maximize sustainable business success; however success is measured
  • Performance measurement to identify weak spots and measure their improvement
  • Workflow efficiencies like wasted work, production co-ordination

Learn More

To learn more about our Ratchet System for building Sustainability into your business read our Introduction to Ratchet System 

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