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Want to Grow your Profit? Like some advice along the way? The 12Faces Business Tutoring for Better Profit pairs you up with your personal small and medium business specialist business tutor to get you focused on what really counts in your business. Just like an academic or music tutor, we can’t do your job for you […]

C3.0 Introduction to Grow your Enterprise in 365 Days Course

The third of our signature 12Faces courses is a Growth Strategy Over One Year.  This course builds on the rapid optimisation carried out during the course C2.0 Optimise Your Business Enterprise in 100 Days (Optimise100).

This Growth Strategy is designed to work with the various types of enterprise we service: 

For-profit, Public Sector and NFP

Each of these enterprises will likely want to grow something.

For Profit are interested in profit and/or revenue growth.

Public Sector and Local Government are interested in serving a greater number of clients better within their budget constraint.

NFP may want to raise more money to sponsor good works and/or service more clients within the available budget.

Generally, we speak of Profit in this course.  And that is of interest even to organisations not seeking to maximise profit.  These organisations will want to maximise growth while not making a loss; the other side of the profit coin.

Rather than write about the goals of each type of business each time, we generally refer to the process a for-profit business will follow. This is just as applicable to the various types of NFP.

To continue to grow, we discuss how to increase your revenue so that more money goes to your profit bottom line.  Since this is a slower process, we will allow ourselves 12 months to achieve it.  Nevertheless, these two combined are likely to more than quadruple the profit of your business in just 15 months.

The techniques discussed in this training course, “Grow365″ are designed for growth businesses.  They might be a relaunch of an existing business or a startup

This introduction to the course outlines the process with links to relevant articles. The next stages links are also at the bottom of this article.

LB1: Innovate1000: Double Growth Through Innovation

Your enterprise may be growing at present. But, you can be certain that innovation and disruption will erode what have been successful services or products. We see this at work all the time.

Years ago, videos came on a cassette tape. Then DVD’s and now streaming services. Your enterprise will decline without innovation. This innovation program will keep your enterprise thriving.

Innovation is a longer term project. Hence, Innovate1000. “Double Your Growth Through Innovation in 1000 days (3 years). Achieve this through innovative new products.

This is a blue belt topic.

Level 3: Money Management Menu

Failing to make a Profit, or incorrectly accounting for cash leading to a lack of money to pay debts and tax liability, are among the largest contributors to Business failure. With YOUR problem in mind, select the area below that best fits your problem. Note: Campaign, Skills Module or Leader’s Briefings signup may be required […]

C2.0 Business Optimisation in 100 Days (Optimise100)

What is Business Optimisation 100? Over time, your business will have accumulated wasteful habits, pricing and costs that will act as a drag on its Profitability; just like barnacles slow down a boat!  Your goal is Sustainable Business Growth so it makes perfect sense to scrape off these “barnacles” rather than waste time and money dragging […]

How Thinking Ahead Leads to Profitable Business Exit Sale

At some point down the track, you will most likely find yourself with a successful business that you want to sell or pass to another. These exits can be planned or unplanned.  Either way, it is best to be ready to exit. It is quite likely that the value of your business, when you sell it, will be closely related to its profitability. Therefore, it makes sense to spend some time and energy positioning your business for the most profitable sale that you can achieve. Our C4.0 Introduction to Turnaround90C2.0 Optimise Your Business Enterprise in 100 Days (O100) and Grow365 Campaign Signup Courses are designed exactly for this purpose. They include essential actions for anyone considering selling their business within a year or two.   Yellow Belt  

SM6.0 Profitable Business Autopilot – Introduction

Among the largest contributors to the failure of both small and larger businesses, are either; they fail to make a Profit: they don’t have a profitable business.  or they incorrectly account for their cash and run out of money to pay their debts and tax liability.    This is particularly acute in small businesses where […]

Level 2: Optimise the Growth of My Business Over a Year (Grow365)

Growing Profit is normally one of the principal goals of business and we have a mass of advice to assist with this goal. Grow365 aims to increase your Revenue so that more money goes to your Profit bottom line. This is a slower process than Optimise your Business in 100 Days (Optimise100) which focuses on streamlining your business with […]

Our Profit Accelerator Programs Introduced

Growing profit is normally one of the principal goals of business and we have a mass of advice to assist with this goal.

But one of our fundamental objectives is to make this available as conveniently as possible so we also collect the most relevant information into structured solutions. 

We call them our Accelerator Programs as they are designed to accelerate your profit growth.  You just pick your Program and we will take you through the implementation steps involved.  Yellow Belt

12Faces’s Profit Growth Programs

Growing profit is normally one of the principal goals of a for-profit business.

There is a lot of material in 12Faces that will assist with this goal.

However, one of our fundamental objectives in 12Faces is to “distill out business wisdom” to save you the huge effort necessary to get your mind across all the various reading materials on the subject of profit maximisation.

Turbocharger is our special topic distillation of business wisdom on how to grow profits to save you a lot of learning effort and allow you to divert that time to directly focus on profit creation in your business.

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