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Want to Grow your Profit? Like some advice along the way? The 12Faces Business Tutoring for Better Profit pairs you up with your personal small and medium business specialist business tutor to get you focused on what really counts in your business. Just like an academic or music tutor, we can’t do your job for you […]

C3.1 Introduction to Grow your Enterprise in 365 Days Campaign

The third of our signature 12Faces courses is a Growth Strategy Over One Year.  This course builds on the rapid optimisation carried out during the course C2.0 Optimise Your Business Enterprise in 100 Days (Optimise100).

This Growth Strategy is designed to work with the various types of enterprise we service: 

For-profit, Public Sector and NFP

Each of these enterprises will likely want to grow something.

For Profit are interested in profit and/or revenue growth.

Public Sector and Local Government are interested in serving a greater number of clients better within their budget constraint.

NFP may want to raise more money to sponsor good works and/or service more clients within the available budget.

Generally, we speak of Profit in this course.  And that is of interest even to organisations not seeking to maximise profit.  These organisations will want to maximise growth while not making a loss; the other side of the profit coin.

Rather than write about the goals of each type of business each time, we generally refer to the process a for-profit business will follow. This is just as applicable to the various types of NFP.

To continue to grow, we discuss how to increase your revenue so that more money goes to your profit bottom line.  Since this is a slower process, we will allow ourselves 12 months to achieve it.  Nevertheless, these two combined are likely to more than quadruple the profit of your business in just 15 months.

The techniques discussed in this training course, “Grow365″ are designed for growth businesses.  They might be a relaunch of an existing business or a startup

This introduction to the course outlines the process with links to relevant articles. The next stages links are also at the bottom of this article.

C2.3.5 Optimise100: Task Management

As you work through the plan for optimising your existing business en route to increasing Profits, you will be generating a large number of tasks as an outcome. Learn how to distribute these tasks and delegate them to your team. These tasks can rapidly become difficult to keep in your head and/or manage the process of […]

C2.4.2 Optimise100 – Types of Waste

Waste is a term very widely used in the various optimisation methodologies like Lean. There are many types of waste. Take the time to read though the 12Faces material on the sources of Waste and how to record and reduce it. For example, experts usually talk about 8 types of Waste in general and well […]

C2.4.1 Target Costing

Not all costs should be treated the same. Target costing can be split into 2 groups: Group One: Strategic Costs: Costs that are incurred producing a Profit on the bottom line. In a sales organisation this is face to face sales people (but not their managers) and advertising if it is working. Group Two: Non-Strategic […]

C2.4.3 Cost Reduction – Products to Discard

Over time, the range of products that you have on offer will grow.  Not all of these are good contributors to your Profit. Make positive product decisions and eliminate the ones that detract from your Profit. Take into account such things as inventory, warehousing, sales, personnel, price discounts, time commitment and similar. Product Decision Focused […]

C2.4.4 Cost Reduction – Locations to Abandon

You want to decrease costs but you do not know where to start. Have you built up a number of locations from which you operate? Do these locations vary in profitability? This can depend on the same criteria as mentioned for products to discard. Ones where the market is saturated and ones that still have […]

C2.4.5 Optimise100 – Zero Based Budget

One discipline applied to costs by high performing organisations is known as “Zero-based Budgeting”. Zero-based Budgets are built from the ground up each year instead of taking last year’s budget as a starting point. Start from the ground up instead of adding a little or taking a little away. Cost Centre Managers – Zero Based […]

C2.4.6 Cost Reduction – Supplier Relationship

One of the easiest, and least painful, places to start a cost cutting exercise is by looking at your supplier relationships. Any activity in this area can have good pay offs. Example: Assume that about half of your expenditure is on products purchased from suppliers. These could be: Manufacture: Variable Costs Retail: Cost of Goods […]

C2.4.7 Cost Reduction – Reduce Inventory Cost

Does your business rely on inventory? Then there are quite substantial savings to be made with improved inventory management. Reduce inventory cost and reap the benefits. This comes from two directions: Reduce the total Inventory you hold. Thereby reducing the amount of Working Capital tied up in Inventory. Reduce your debt and associated interest charges. […]

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