LB3: Quick Goal Setting for Time Poor

Goals for your business are critical, otherwise, how do you know where you are heading?  But, if you are not used to setting goals for your business, the first few times can be rather overwhelming.  There is a lot of advice on what they should look like. The range of choice in targets and directions can be so overwhelming that you just never get started!  This article walks you through a very simple way to get started with goal setting that will see 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals set in under 1 hour!Yellow Belt

Level 3: People Issues

  Find the best staff then get the most from them. With YOUR specific issue in mind, select the area below that best fits. Note: Campaign, Skills Module or Leader’s Briefings signup may be required for some articles Drill down to the article that provides the solution. If your business is to grow to any […]

How to Do Your Life Plan

The old adage that ‘money isn’t everything’ is very true.  Wealth, in its own right, is a pretty limited description of what goes together to make a life worth living.  In 12Faces, we stress the need for a clear sense of direction for your business by way of having clear goals.  This Recipe covers similar ground for yourselfYellow Belt

SM3.1 De-Stress

Stress is one of the major problems faced by business Owner/Operators.

There are straight forward ways, though, of reducing the 4 main contributors to this stress; and they do not take very long to implement.  We show how to convert “distress” to de-stress.

Typical stress points in smaller businesses are caused by:

  • People: hiring, firing, managing and motivating.
  • Time: finding time to get done all that must be done.
  • Money: earning a decent Profit and Salary and paying bills as they fall due.
  • Events: constantly changing scenarios and the associated pressure to handle them.

This article outlines ways of reducing these 4 types of stress and points you to resources throughout 12Faces.

Read this if: you are finding life as an Owner/Operator all too much and want to know how to re-assert your control.  Slow things down a bit reducing your stress levels.

Related to: Profit Autopilot, Time Management, People, 80/20 Rule, Theory of Constraints.

Media: Written articles and a video presentation.

Degree of Difficulty: Yellow Belt (Introductory).

How to Do a One Page Vision Statement

Takes Under 1 HourD

This article provides a process for arriving at a philosophy about why your business exists. Until that is clear, life is happening to you; and often it can play rough!
We show here how to (ideally) construct a one page document that can be shared amongst all of the businesses staff to get everybody on the same page about the future of the business. We call this a One Page Vision Statement. Many prominent business writers talk about the same thing, but may call them slightly different names. This process is followed by another to develop a clear sense of your goal, or destination, in the next 3-5 years. Yellow belt.

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