GamePlans Chart a Course for Your Business

At 12Faces, we strongly believe every business owner needs a clear destination in mind for their business; in both the short (say financial quarter) and longer (say 3 years) term.  We call these Business GamePlans Without this, the business is essentially ‘rudderless’ and will drift in unguided and unpredictable directions.  Entrepreneurs are famous for “being […]

About Micro Business Management

In this article, we introduce our Micro Business Management Methodology. This covers what an owner is likely to need to know to move from being a “one person band”, or Solopreneur, to owning a sustainable micro business. There are various definitions of what constitutes a Micro Business in different countries; often related to tax office […]

Micro Business Introduction

Thank you for registering for access to our resources aimed at helping you grow your Micro Business.  Some of the key points for this group of resources include; Although there are many definitions for a Micro Business, we have elected to use “a business with 1 to 4 staff”.  You are experiencing all the issues […]

Micro Business Resources Catalogue

Welcome to our Micro Business Resources Catalogue (1 to 4 Staff).  This is a collection of our resources that are relevant to growing your Micro Business in a Sustainable fashion For us, a sustainable business has acceptable: Rewards for the leader (salary, benefits and profit) Stress levels (cash flow and risk) and Workloads These are […]

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